Song Name   Comments
A Fallen Star0
A Beautiful Life0
A Fallen Star0
A Good Woman's Love0
A Lonesome Road to Travel0
Along About Daybreak0
Along About Daybreak [Take 2]0
Along About Daybreak [Take BD]0
Are You Lost in Sin?0
Ashland Breakdown [Instrumental]0
Back Up and Push [Instrumental]0
Baker's Breakdown [Instrumental]0
Banks of the Ohio0
Beautiful Life0
Big River0
Big Sandy River [Instrumental]0
Bill's Dream [Instrumental]0
Blue Goose [Instrumental]0
Blue Grass Breakdown [Instrumental]0
Blue Grass Special [Instrumental]0
Blue Grass Special [Take 2][Instrumental]0
Blue Grass Stomp0
Blue Grass Stomp [Take 2]0
Blue Grass Stomp [Take 3][Instrumental]0
Blue Grass Stomp [Take BD]0
Blue Moon Of Kentucky0
Blue Night0
Blue Ridge Mountain Blues0
Blue Yodel No. 40
Bluegrass Breakdown0
Bluegrass Breakdown [Instrumental]0
Bluegrass Breakdown [Live][Instrumental]0
Bluegrass Breakdown [Take 2][Instrumental]0
Bluegrass Breakdown [Take 3]0
Bluegrass Ramble [Instrumental]0
Bluegrass, Pt. 1 (Bluegrass Twist) [Instrumental]0
Body and Soul0
Boston Boy [Instrumental]0
Brakeman's Blues0
Brand New Shoes0
Brown County Breakdown [Instrumental]0
Bugle Call Rag [Instrumental]0
Cabin of Love0
Can't You Hear Me Callin'0
Can't You Hear Me Callin' [Take 2]0
Can't You Hear Me Callin' [Take 3]0
Can't You Hear Me Callin' [Take 4]0
Can't You Hear Me Callin' [Take BD]0
Candy Gal [Instrumental]0
Careless Love0
Changing Partners0
Cheap Love Affair0
Cheyenne [Instrumental]0
Christmas Time's a Coming0
Close By0
Columbus Stockade Blues0
Come Back to Me in My Dreams0
Come Go with Me0
Cotton Fields1
Cripple Creek0
Cripple Creek [Instrumental]0
Crossing the Cumberlands [Instrumental]0
Cry, Cry Darling0
Cryin' Holy Unto My Lord0
Cryin' Holy Unto the Lord0
Crying Holy Unto My Lord0
Dancin' in Brancin' [Instrumental]0
Danny Boy0
Dark as the Night, Blue as the Day0
Devil's Dream [Instrumental]0
Dog House Blues0
Down Yonder [Instrumental]0
Drifting Too Far from the Shore0
Dusty Miller0
Dusty Miller [Instrumental]0
East Tennessee Blues0
Evening Prayer Blues [Instrumental]0
Fair Play [Instrumental]0
Fallen Star0
Farther Along0
Fire on the Mountain0
Flowers of Love0
Foggy Mountain Top0
Foggy River0
Footprints in the Snow0
Footprints in the Snow [Live]0
Footprints in the Snow [Take 2]0
Four Walls0
Get Down On Your Knees And Pray0
Get Up John0
Get Up John [Instrumental]0
Girl in the Blue Velvet Band0
Give Me Wings0
Go Hither to Go Yonder [Instrumental]0
Going Home0
Goodbye Old Pal0
Goodbye Old Pal [Take 2]0
Gotta Travel On0
Grey Eagle [Instrumental]0
Happy on My Way0
Harbor of Love0
Have a Feast Here Tonight0
Have a Feast Here Tonight (Rabbit in a Log)0
He Will Set Your Fields on Fire0
Heavy Traffic Ahead0
Heavy Traffic Ahead [Take 2]0
Heel and Toe Polka [Instrumental]0
Highway of Sorrow0
Honky Tonk Swing [Instrumental]0
House of Gold0
I Am a Pilgrim0
I Believed in You Darling0
I Hear a Sweet Voice Calling0
I Live in the Past0
I Saw the Light0
I Still Miss Someone0
I Want to Go With You0
I Was Left on the Street0
I Wonder If You Feel the Way I Do0
I Wonder Where You Are Tonight0
I'll Meet You in Church Sunday Morning0
I'll Meet You in the Morning0
I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome0
I'm Going Back to Old Kentucky0
I'm On My Way Back To The Old Home0
I'm on My Way to the Old Home0
I'm Sitting on Top of the World0
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry0
I'm Travelin' on and On0
I'm Travelin' on and On [Take 2]0
I'm Working on a Building0
I've Found a Hiding Place0
In The Pines0
It Makes No Difference Now0
It's Mighty Dark to Travel0
Jekyll Island [Instrumental]0
Jenny Lynn0
Jenny Lynn [Instrumental]0
Jerusalem Ridge [Instrumental]0
Jimmy Brown the Newsboy0
John Hardy [Instrumental]0
Just a Little Talk With Jesus0
Just Over in the Gloryland0
Katy Hill0
Katy Hill [Instrumental]0
Kentucky Mandolin [Instrumental]0
Kentucky Waltz0
Kentucky Waltz [Take 2]0
Kiss Me Waltz [Instrumental]0
Lady of the Blue Ridge [Instrumental]0
Let Me Rest at the End of My Journey0
Letter from My Darling0
Linda Lou0
Little Cabin Home on the Hill0
Little Cabin Home on the Hill [Take 2]0
Little Girl and the Dreadful Snake1
Little Maggie0
Little Shepherd (Call of the Shepherd) [#][Instrumental]0
Live and Let Live0
Lochwood [Instrumental]0
Log Cabin in the Lane0
Lonesome Moonlight Waltz0
Lonesome Moonlight Waltz [Instrumental]0
Lonesome Road Blues0
Lonesome Road to Travel0
Long Black Veil0
Lord Lead Me On0
Lord Protect My Soul0
Louisville Breakdown [Instrumental]0
Love Please Come Home0
Lucky Lady [Instrumental]0
Mansions for Me0
McKinley's March [Instrumental]0
Melissa's Waltz for J.B. [Instrumental]0
Memories of Mother and Dad0
Memories of You0
Methodist Preacher [Instrumental]0
Midnight on the Stormy Deep0
Mighty Dark to Travel0
Milenburg Joy [Instrumental]0
Molly and Tenbrooks0
Molly and Tenbrooks [Take 2]0
Molly and Tenbrooks [The Racehorse Song]0
Monroe's Blues [Instrumental]0
Monroe's Hornpipe [Instrumental]0
Mother's Only Sleeping0
Mule Skinner Blues0
My Last Days on Ears [Instrumental]0
My Last Days on Earth0
My Little Georgia Rose0
My Rose of Old Kentucky0
My Rose of Old Kentucky [Take 2]0
Never Again (Will I Knock on Your Door)0
Never Leave the A-String [Instrumental]0
New Mule Skinner Blues0
New Muleskinner Blues0
Nine Pound Hammer0
No Letter in the Mail0
No One But My Darlin'0
Nobody Loves Me0
Nobody Loves Me [#]0
Nobody Loves Me [Take 1]0
Nobody Loves Me [Take 3]0
Old Brown County Barn [Instrumental]0
Old Crossroads0
Old Danger Field [Instrumental]0
Old Ebenezer Scrooge [Instrumental]0
Old Joe Clark0
Old Joe Clark [Instrumental]0
On and On0
On the Old Kentucky Shore0
Orange Blossom Special0
Orange Blossom Special [Instrumental]0
Orange Blossom Special [Live][Instrumental]0
Out in the Cold World0
Paddy on the Turnpike [Instrumental]0
Panhandle Country [Instrumental]0
Pike Country Breakdown [Instrumental]0
Pike County Breakdown [Instrumental]0
Pinewood Valley [Instrumental]0
Poison Love0
Poor White Folks0
Poor White Folks [Instrumental]0
Precious Memories0
Precious Memories [#]0
Put My Little Shoes Away0
Raw Hide0
Rawhide [Instrumental]0
Remember the Cross0
Remember the Cross [Take 2]0
Right, Right On [Instrumental]0
River of Death0
Roane Country Prison0
Roanoke [Instrumental]0
Rocky Road Blues0
Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms0
Roll on Buddy, Roll On0
Sailor's Hornpipe0
Sailor's Hornpipe [Instrumental]0
Sailor's Plea0
Sally Goodin [Instrumental]0
Sally Joe0
Salt Creek [Instrumental]0
Santa Claus [Instrumental]0
Scotland [Instrumental]0
Shady Grove0
Shady Grove [#]0
Shake My Mother's Hand for Me0
Shenandoah Breakdown [Instrumental]0
Sittin' Alone in the Moonlight0
Sitting Alone in the Moonlight0
Sitting on Top of the World0
Six White Horses0
Sold Down the River0
Soldier's Joy0
Soldier's Joy [#]0
Soldier's Joy [Instrumental]0
Southern Flavor0
Southern Flavor [Instrumental]0
Stay Away from Me0
Stone Coal [Instrumental]0
Stoney Lonesome [Instrumental]0
Sugar Coated Love0
Sugar Loaf Mountain [Instrumental]0
Summertime Is Past and Gone0
Summertime Is Past and Gone [Take 2]0
Summertime Is Past and Gone [Take BD1]0
Summertime Is Past and Gone [Take BD2]0
Summertime Is Past and Gone [Take BD3]0
Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong0
Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong [Take 2]0
Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong [Take 3]0
Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong [Take BD1]0
Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong [Take BD2]0
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot0
Tall Pines0
Tall Timber [Instrumental]0
Tallahassee [Instrumental]0
Tennessee Blues0
Tennessee Blues [Instrumental]0
Texas Blue Bonnet [Instrumental]0
Texas Gallop [Instrumental]0
Texas Lone Star [Instrumental]0
That Home Above0
That Home Above [Take BD]0
The Brakeman's Blues0
The Dead March [Instrumental]0
The First Whippoorwill0
The Girl in the Blue Velvet Band0
The Girl in the Blue Velvet Band [Take 2]0
The Girl in the Blue Velvet Band [Take 3]0
The Gold Rush [Instrumental]0
The Golden West [Instrumental]0
The Lee Weddin' Tune [Instrumental]0
The Little Girl and the Dreadful Snake0
The Long Bow0
The Long Bow [Instrumental]0
The Old Brown County Barn0
The Old Crossroads0
The Old Crossroads [#]0
The Old Fiddler0
The Old Gray Mare Came Tearing Out of the Wilderness [Instrumental]0
The Old Mountaineer [Instrumental]0
The Prisoner's Song0
The Sailor's Plea0
There Was Nothing We Could Do0
Thinking About You0
Time Changes Everything0
Toy Heart0
Travelin' This Lonesome Road0
True Life Blues0
True Life Blues [Take 2]0
True Life Blues [Take 3]0
True Life Blues [Take 4]0
Turkey in the Straw0
Turkey in the Straw [Instrumental]0
Uncle Pen0
Used to Be0
Virginia Darlin' [Instrumental]0
Walk Softly on My Heart0
Walk Softly On This Heart of Mine1
Walking in Jerusalem0
Walls of Time0
Walls of Time [#]0
Watermelon Hanging on the Vine [Instrumental]0
Watson Blues [Instrumental]0
Were You There When They Crucified My Lord0
Were You There?0
What Would You Give in Exchange?0
Wheel Hoss [Instrumental]0
When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again0
When the Bees Are in the Hive0
When the Cactus Is In Bloom0
When the Golden Leaves Begin to Fall0
When You Are Lonely0
White House Blues0
Why Did You Wander0
Why Did You Wander [Take 2]0
Wicked Path of Sin0
Wicked Path of Sin [#]0
Wicked Path of Sin [Take 2]0
Will You Be Loving Another Man?0
Will You Be Loving Another Man? [Take 2]0
With Body and Soul0
Y'all Come0
You Won't Be Satisfied That Way [Live]0
You'll Find Her Name Written There0
You're Drifting Away0