Colin Hay

As the singer, guitarist, and main songwriter of Australia's Men at Work, Colin Hay was responsible for penning several of the quirkiest pop hits of the early '80s. Although he and his former band will forever be associated ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
American Sunshine0
And If You Only Knew0
Are You Lookin' at Me?0
Baby Can I See You Tonight?0
Back in My Loving Arms0
Be Good Johnny0
Beautiful World24
Broken Love0
Can I Hold You?0
Children On Parade0
Circles Erratica0
Company of Strangers0
Dear Father0
Dear J0
Death Row Conversation0
Don't Be Afraid0
Don't Believe You Anymore0
Don't Drink the Water0
Don't Wait Up1
Down Under0
Dream On0
Dreamtime in Glasgow0
Family Man0
Fisherman's Friend0
Freedom Calling0
Gathering Mercury0
Go Ask an Old Man0
Going Somewhere0
Goodbye My Red Rose0
Goodnight Romeo0
Help Me0
Hold Me0
Hold on to My Hand3
How Long Will It Last?0
I Came Into Your Store0
I Can't Get Up Out of This Bed0
I Don't Know Why3
I Don't Need You Anymore0
I Got Woken Up0
I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You73
I Wish I Was Still Drinking7
I'll Leave The Light On1
I'm Doing Fine4
If I Go0
Into My Life1
Into The Cornfields0
It's a Mistake0
Keep on Walking0
Land of the Midnight Sun0
Looking For Jack4
Love Is Innocent1
Lucky Bastard0
Master of Crime0
Me and My Imaginary Friend0
Melbourne Song0
My Brilliant Feat7
No Time0
No Win Situation0
Not So Lonely0
Oh California0
Prison Time0
Puerto Rico0
Pure Love2
Sea Dogs0
Send Somebody0
She Keeps Me Dreaming0
Small Price To Be Free0
Small Town Big Hell0
Sometimes I Wish0
Storm in My Heart0
The End of Wilhelmina0
There's Water Over You0
These Are Our Finest Days0
To Have and to Hold0
Transcendental Highway0
Up In Smoke1
Waiting For My Real Life To Begin41
Walk Amongst His Ruins0
Wash It All Away0
Water Song2
Wayfaring Sons0
Ways of the World0
What Would Bob Do?0
Who Can It Be Now?0
Woman's Face0
Ya (Rest in Peace)0
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