Toronto's emo quartet Moneen began with vocalists/guitarists Kenny Bridges and Chris Hughes, bassist Mark Bowser, and drummer Peter Krpan. Moneen formed in 1999 after the dissolution of Perfectly Normal, and released their ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
A Realization Of How It's Always Been6
Accidents Are On Purpose5
Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now?12
Bleed and Blister1
Bleed and Blister (Version 2)4
Bleed and Blister (Version 3)0
Closing My Eyes Won't Help Me Leave3
Don't Ever Tell Locke What He Can't Do15
Great Escape1
Half Empty? Half Full? I Never Got A Glass To Start With6
His Own Anomaly (39 42' 10" N 044 16' 30" E)0
Hold That Sound0
How Many Other Girls Are There In The World Anyway?2
How To Live With The Thought That Sometimes Life Ends1
I Have Never Done Anything For Anyone That Was Not For Me As Well5
I Wish I Was There To See The Way It Was Supposed To Be4
If Tragedy's Appealing, Then Disaster's an Addiction10
Life's Just Too Short Little Ndugu6
No Better Way To Show Your Love Than A Set Of Broken Legs11
Pleasantly Saying The Most Terrible Things2
Prepare Yourself... The Worst Is Yet to Come0
Red Eyes0
Seasons Fade... Fevers Rage... It's a Slow Decay2
Sharks In Danger5
Start Angry... End Mad17
The Day No One Needed to Know11
The East Has Stolen What the West May Want4
The Frightening Reality of the Fact That We Will All Have to Grow Up and Settle Down One Day6
The Glasshouse2
The Last Song I Will Ever Want To Sing12
The Long Count0
The Monument0
The Passing Of America29
The Politics of Living and the Shame in Dying3
The Song I Swore to Never Sing15
The Start to This May Be the End to Another6
The Way0
The World I Want To Leave Behind0
The Wrath Of The Donkey Remix4
There Are a Million Reasons for Why This May Not Work... and Just One Good One for Why It Will10
This Is All Bigger Than Me3
This Year I've Had Enough2
Thoughts Weigh Heavy... Don't Get Drowned in the Weight of It All3
To Say Something That Means Nothing To Anyone At All4
Tonight, I'm Gone...11
What Did You Say?... I'm Sorry, My Eyes Are on Fire3
What The Weatherman Forgot To Tell You2
Why Bother Wondering When Wondering's All You Got4
With This Song I Will Destroy Myself9
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