The Waterboys

Scottish rock band formed by lead singer Mike Scott in 1983.  The band consists of Mike Scott and whatever musicians he happens to be working with at the time.  There is no permanent band lineup. ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
A Pagan Place0
A Girl Called Johnny8
A Girl Called Johnny [Live]0
A Life of Sundays0
A Man Is In Love2
A Pagan Place0
A Song for the Life0
All the Bright Horses0
All the Things She Gave Me0
And A Bang On The Ear5
Be My Enemy0
Beatles Medley0
Beverly Penn0
Bigger Picture0
Billy Sparks0
Blues is my business0
Bring 'Em All In0
Buckets of rain0
Burlington Bertie & Accrington Stanley0
Bury my heart0
Church Not Made With Hands0
Come Live with Me0
Corn Circles0
Custer's Blues0
Death Is Not the End0
December [Original 8-Track Mix][#][*]0
Don't Bang the Drum2
Dumbing Down the World0
Fisherman's Blues24
Fisherman's Blues [#][*]0
Further Up, Further In0
Glastonbury Song1
Going to Paris0
Good News0
Higher in Time0
His Word Is not His Bond0
How Long Will I Love You?1
I Will Not Follow0
In Search of a Rose0
Is She Conscious?0
It Should Have Been You0
It's All Gone0
Killing My Heart0
Killing My Heart [#][*]0
Let It Happen0
Long Way to the Light0
Love and Death0
Love Anyway0
Love that kills1
Love That Kills [#][*][Instrumental]0
Love Will Shoot You Down0
Medicine Bow0
Meet Me at the Station0
Meet Me at the Station [#][*]0
Mister Fox0
My Love Is My Rock in the Weary Land0
Night Falls on London0
Old England0
Out of Control0
Pan Within1
Peace of Iona0
Preparing to Fly0
Purple Rain0
Rags (Second Amendment)0
Rare, Precious and Gone [Live]0
Red Army Blues7
Room to Roam0
Saints and Angels0
Savage Earth Heart0
She Is So Beautiful1
Somebody Might Wave Back0
Something Fantastic0
Something Fantastic [#][*]0
Something That Is Gone0
Song from the End of the World0
Spirit [Full-Length Version]0
Spiritual City0
Spring Comes to Spiddal0
Strange Boat0
Sweet Thing1
The Big Music2
The Charlatan's Lament0
The Dance at the Crossroads [Instrumental]0
The Earth Only Endures0
The Girl in the Swing0
The Glastonbury Song4
The Lake Isle Of Innisfree1
The New Life0
The Pan Within1
The Raggle Taggle Gypsy0
The Return of Jimi Hendrix0
The Return Of Pan0
The Star and the Sea0
The Stolen Child2
The Three Day Man0
The Thrill Is Gone1
The Trip to Broadford0
The Ways of Men0
The Wayward Wind0
The Whole Of The Moon44
The Wind in the Wires0
This Is The Sea7
Too Close To Heaven1
Too Close to Heaven [Live] [Live][#]0
We Are Jonah0
We Will Not Be Lovers2
When Will We Be Married?0
When Ye Go Away3
Whole of the Moon1
Winter in the Blood0
Winter Winter0
Wonders of Lewis0
World Party1
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