Christian Death

The founding fathers of American goth rock, Christian Death took a relentlessly confrontational stand against organized religion and conventional morality, with an appetite for provocation that made Marilyn Manson look like ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
1983 (C.D.)0
A Ringing in Their Ears0
A Widow's Dream0
After the Rain0
Alpha Sunset0
Androgynous Noise Hand Permeates0
Angels and Drugs0
As Evening Falls0
Ashes Part II0
At the Threshold0
Awake at the Wall0
Bad Year0
Baptised in Fire0
Believers of the Unpure0
Beneath His Widow0
Between Youth0
Blast of the Bough0
Blood Dance0
Book of Lies1
Born in a Womb, Died in a Tomb0
Burnt Offerings3
Cave of the Unborn0
Cavity - First Communion1
Cervix Couch0
Children of the Volley0
Chimére De-Si De-Lá0
Church Of No Return0
Damn You0
Dead Sorry0
Deeply Deeply0
Desperate Hell0
Deviate Love0
Dexter Said No To Methadone0
Die With You0
Does It Hurt0
Dream For Mother0
Drilling the Hole0
Easter (In the Tombs)0
Electra Descending0
Eternal Love0
Eyelids Down0
Figurative Theatre2
Four Horsemen0
Fucking in Slow Motion0
Gloomy Sunday0
Golden Age0
Her Only Sin0
Heresy Act II0
Heresy Act Two0
Hour of the Wolf0
I Hate You0
I'm Using You (For Love)0
In Absentia0
In Your Eyes0
Incendiary Lover0
Infans Vexatio0
Into Dust0
Into the Shitworld0
Invitation au Suicide0
Is This the Will of God0
Jesus Where's the Sugar0
Jezebel's Tribulation0
Kill Me0
Kill Your Sons0
Kingdom of the Solemn Kiss0
Kingdom of the Tainted Kiss0
Lacrima Christi0
Lacrima Christi (Italian version)0
Lament (Over the Shadows)0
Live Love Together0
Love Don't Let Me Down0
Love is Like a Bitchin' in My Heart0
Malevolent Shrew0
Malus Armor0
Man to Father Fire0
Mors - Voluntaria0
Mysterium Iniquitatis0
Narcissus Metamorphosis Of0
Nazi Killer0
Nineteen Ninety Nine0
Of the Wound0
Omega Dawn0
Out of Control0
Panic in Detroit0
Peek a Boo0
Pillars of Osiris0
Psalm (Maggot's Lair)0
Raw War0
Reflections of the First Sesom fo Koob0
Resurrection - Sixth Communion0
Romeo's Distress27
Seduction Thy Destruction0
See You in Hell0
Sex Dwarf0
She Never Woke Up0
Silent Thunder0
Skeleton Kiss0
Song of Songs0
Spectre (Love Is Dead)1
Spilt Blood0
Spiritual Cramp7
Spontaneous Human Detonation0
Stairs (Uncertain Journey)4
Strange Fortune0
Strapping Me Down0
Suivre la Trace de Quelqu'un0
Superstition and Fear0
Surviving Armageddon0
Tales of Innocence0
Tar Black Liquid0
Temples of Desire0
The Absolute0
The Angels (Cruciform)4
The Black Ones0
The Blue Hour0
The Corruption of Innocence0
The Danzig Waltz0
The Death of Josef0
The Drowning0
The Fleeing Somnambulist0
The Gift Of Sacrifice0
The Knife0
The Lake of Fire0
The Last Thing0
The Lie Behind the Truth0
The Loving Face0
The Luxury of Tears0
The Millennium Unwinds0
The Obscene Kiss0
The Origin of Man0
The Painted Aura0
The Path of Sorrows0
The Serpent's Tail0
The Third Antichrist0
The Wind Kissed Pictures0
This Cross0
This Glass House0
This Is Heresy3
To Disappear0
Tragicus Conatus0
Upon the Sea of Blood0
Venus in Furs0
Victim X0
Vita - Voluntaria0
Washing Machine0
We Fall Like Love0
We Have Become0
Weave My Spell0
What's the Verdict0
When I Was Bed3
Woman to Mother Earth0
Workship Along the Nile0
Wretched Mankind0
Zero Sex0
Zodiac (He Is Still Out There...)0
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