Children of Bodom

Children of Bodom, formed in Finland in 1993, are an extreme metal band. ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
Aces High14
Aces High [*]0
Aces High [Cover]0
All Twisted0
Angels Don't Kill45
Antisocial (Anthrax Cover)1
Antisocial [Cover]0
Are You Dead Yet?23
Banned From Heaven9
Bastards of Bodom6
Bed Of Nails3
Bed of Razor16
Bed of Razors0
Bed of Razorz0
Black Widow8
Blooddrunk [Multimedia Track]0
Bodom After Midnight12
Bodom Beach Terror8
Bodom Blue Moon (The Second Coming)0
Children of Bodom17
Children of Bodom [#]0
Children of Bodom [Original Single Version]0
Children of Decadence14
Chokehold (Cocked 'n' Loaded)8
Cry of the Nihilist1
Damaged Beyond Repair0
Dead Man's Hand On you0
Deadnight Warrior8
Deadnight Warrior [Enhanced Video]0
Deadnight Warrior [Video Clip]0
Don't Stop At The Top4
Don't Stop at the Top [*]0
Don't Stop at the Top [Cover]0
Done With Everything, Die For Nothing1
Downfall [*][Multimedia Track]0
Every Time I Die31
Everytime I Die0
Everytime I Die [Multimedia Track]0
Follow The Reaper22
Ghostriders In The Sky1
Ghostriders in the Sky [Cover]0
Halo of Blood0
Hate Crew Deathroll11
Hate Me0
Hate Me!29
Hell is for children (Pat Benar Cover)1
Hell Is for Children [Cover]0
Hellhounds on My Trail4
Hellion [*]0
Hellion [Cover]0
If You Want Peace...Prepare For War9
In The Shadow1
In the Shadows1
In Your FAce26
In Your Face [Videok]0
Iron, Steel, Metal4
Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition was In) (Kenny Rogers Cover)1
Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) [Cover]0
Kissing The Shadows20
Lake Bodom11
Lil' Blooded Ridin' Hood9
Lil' Bloodred Ridin' Hood0
Living Dead Beat16
Lookin Out My Back Door (CCR cover)4
Lookin' out My Backdoor [Cover]0
Mask Of Sanity10
Mass Hypnosis3
Mass Hypnosis [*]0
Mass Hypnosis [Cover]0
Needled 24-70
Needled 24/723
Next in Line6
No Commands1
No Commands [*]0
No Commands [Cover]0
Northern Comfort3
Northpole Throwdown0
Not My Funeral0
One Bottle And A Knee Deep0
One Day You Will Cry3
Oops I did it again27
Oops... I Did It Again [Cover]0
Punch Me I Bleed14
Pussyfoot Miss Suicide0
Rebel Yell0
Rebel Yell (Billy Idol Cover)8
Rebel Yell [Cover]0
Red Light In My Eyes - Part One7
Red Light In My Eyes - Part Two7
Relentless Reckless Forever1
Repent (Whore)11
Roadkill Morning2
Roundtrip to Hell and Back0
Scream For Silence0
She Is Beautiful5
Shot In The Dark2
Shovel Knockout0
Silent Night, Bodom Night16
Silent Night, Bodom Night [DVD]0
Silent Scream0
Silent Scream (Slayer Cover)3
Silent Scream [*]0
Silent Scream [Cover]0
Sleeping In My Car 0
Smile Pretty For The Devil2
So Grim So True So Real0
Somebody Put Something In My Drink9
Somebody Put Something in My Drink [*]0
Somebody Put Something in My Drink [Cover]0
Talk Dirty to Me1
Talk Dirty to Me [Cover]0
Taste Of My Scythe3
The Nail3
Tie My Rope7
Touch Like Angel Of Death12
Touch Like Angel of Death/Hummel Gets the Rockets0
Towards Dead End6
Trashed, Lost & Strungout27
Triple Corpse Hammerblow9
Waiting (King Diamond Cover)0
Waiting [Cover]0
War Inside My Head (Suicidal Tendencies Cover)0
War Inside My Head [Cover]0
Was it Worth It?0
Was it Worth It? [Video]0
Waste of Skin0
We're Not Gonan Fall10
We're Not Gonna Fall0
Wrath Within2
You're Better Off Dead11
You're Better Off Dead!0
Your Days Are Numbered0
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