Mick Jagger

Sir Michael Philip "Mick" Jagger (born 26 July 1943) is a Golden Globe- and Grammy Award- winning English singer-songwriter, rock musician, [[ and occasional actor, best known for his work as lead vocalist of The Rolling ... Read more
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(You Got To Walk and) Don't Look Back0
(You Gotta Walk And) Don't Look Back0
(You Gotta Walk) Don't Look Back0
1/2 A Loaf0
Always on the Run1
Angel in My Heart0
Blind Leading The Blind1
Blinded by Rainbows0
Blues for Sister Someone0
Brand New Set Of Rules0
Crystal Ball0
Dancing In The Starlight3
Dead Flowers0
Don't Call Me Up0
Don't Look Back0
Don't Tear Me Up0
Dont Call Me Up1
Evening Gown0
Everybody Getting High0
Fields of Joy0
Flowers for Zoë0
Freedom Train0
Gimme Shelter0
God Gave Me Everything6
Goddess In the Doorway0
Goddessinthedoorway [Instrumental]0
Goin' Away Baby0
Handsome Molly0
Hang on to Me Tonight0
Hard Woman0
Hide Away0
Hot Stuff0
I Build This Garden for Us0
I've Been Lonely for So Long0
It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over0
Just Another Night1
Kow Tow0
Let's work1
Lonely at the Top0
Lucky Day0
Lucky in Love0
Mixed Emotions0
More Then Anything in the World0
Mother of a Man0
Mr. Cab Driver0
No Expectations0
Old Habits Die Hard3
Old Habits Die Hard [*]0
Out of Focus0
Paint It Black1
Party Doll0
Peace for the Wicked0
Play with Fire0
Primitive Cool0
Put Me In The Trash1
Radio Control0
Running Out of Luck0
Ruthless People0
Say You Will0
She Said Yeah0
She's The Boss0
Shoot Off Your Mouth0
Sister Morphine0
Stand by My Woman0
State of Shock0
Stop Draggin' Around0
Sweet Thing0
Sweet Thing [Dub]0
Thru and Thru0
Time Is on My Side0
Too Far Gone0
Turn the Girl Loose0
Use Me0
Visions Of Paradise0
Waiting on a Friend0
Wandering Spirit1
War Baby0
What the ....Are We Saying?0
Wired All Night0
Yer Blues0
Yesterday's Papers0
You Got the Silver0
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