Trick Daddy

One of the most thuggish rappers embraced by the mainstream, Trick Daddy broke out of the South in 2001 with "I'm a Thug" and established himself as an unlikely national superstar. Before his breakthrough, he scored a few ... Read more
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4 Eva0
99 Problems (feat. Money Mark Diggla)2
Ain't a Thug (feat. Trey Songz)0
Ain't No Santa0
All I Need (feat. Infa Red)0
America (feat. Society)0
Back In The Days1
Based on a True Story, Part 10
Based on a True Story, Part 20
Bet That0
Booty Doo (feat. Webbie & International Jones)0
Born a Thug0
Bout Mine0
Bout My Money0
Boy (feat. Fat, JV, Kase & Mystic)0
Breaka, Breaka (feat. Rick Ross)0
Bricks & Marijuana (feat. Kase)0
Can't Fuck with the South (feat. JV)0
Change My Life (feat. Money Mark Diggla)0
Could It Be (feat. Twista)0
Down Wit Da South (feat. Trina, Ying Yang Twins & Deuce Komradz)0
Drop (Low, Low, Low)0
Duck Down0
Dukey Love0
For All My Ladies0
For The Thugs1
Fuckin' Around (feat. T.I., Young Jeezy & Kase)0
Fuckin' Around (Intro)0
Gangsta (feat. Birdman & Scarface)0
Gangsta Livin' (feat. Rick Ross)0
Get On Up (feat. Money Mark Diggla, JV, Kase & Mystic)0
God's Been Good (feat. Betty Wright's Children's Choir)0
Gotta Let You Have It (feat. Buddy Roe)0
Have My Cheese (feat. JV & Money Mark Diggla)0
Hoe (Skit)0
Hoe But Can't Help It (feat. Buddy Roe)0
Hold On0
I Can't Say No0
I Cry (feat. Ronald Isley)0
I Luv0
I Pop0
I Wanna Sang0
I'll Be Your Other Man (feat. J.A.B.A.N.)0
I'll Be Your Player0
I'll Be Your Player (Remix)0
I'm A Thug5
In da Wind (feat. Cee-Lo & Big Boi)5
J.O.D.D. (feat. Khia & Tampa Tony)2
Kill Your Ass0
Kill-A-Head (feat. Buddy Roe)0
Last of a Dying Breed0
Let Me Ride (feat. Rick Ross)0
Let's Go (feat. Twista & Lil Jon)21
Lights Off (feat. International Jones)0
Living in a World (feat. Society)0
Log Off0
Log On0
Melting Pot0
Menage a Trois0
N Word0
Nann Nigga (feat. Trina)0
Only 1 Mayor0
Out Here Grinding0
Pimp (feat. Buddy Roe & J.T. Money)0
Play No Games0
Pull Over0
Rags to Riches0
Rain It Pours0
Run Nigga (feat. Funk Boogie & Tre+6)0
She's Fiendin' (Skit)0
Shut Up (feat. Trina, Co & Deuce)1
Shut Yo Face (Uncle Fucka)0
Sittin' on D's0
So High0
Straight Up (feat. Young Buck)0
Suckin' Fuckin' (feat. Co)0
Sugar (Gimme Sone) (feat. Cee-Lo & Ludacris)16
Survivin' the Drought0
Take It to Da House (feat. Trina & The Slip-N-Slide Express) 1
TDD (Skit)0
Telephone (Skit)0
The Children's Song0
These Are the Daze0
They Don't Live Long0
This Tha Shit That I Live0
Thug for Life (feat. Kase & Mystic)0
Thug Holiday (feat. LaTocha Scott)1
Thug Life Again (feat. Money Mark Diggla & Myiera B's)0
Thug Money0
Thug Niggas Don't Live That Long0
Thugs About (feat. Dirtbag)0
Thump In The Trunk0
Tryin' to Stop Smokin' (feat. Mystikal)0
Tuck Ya Ice (feat. Birdman)0
U Neva Know0
Walkin' Like a Hoe0
We Got0
Where U From0
Who's Selling0
You Damn Right (feat. Dunk Ryders & Skky)0
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