Song Name   Comments
24 Turned 251
A Christmas Song0
A Christmas Song0
Are You a Dreamer?5
Are You Lonely?1
Around Everything1
Beautiful Boys and Girls1
Brass Buttons0
Breathe In This Life0
Brooklyn With Your Highest Wall0
California Brown And Blue3
Carry The Weight1
Castle and Cathedral1
Catholic Girl0
Chesapeake Watershed0
Chestnut Hill2
Chestnut Street0
Christmas Song0
Closer To The Sun0
Do I Really Have To?0
East from West0
Every Passing Day0
Everybody Knows0
Everything But Sleep2
Finding Your Feet Again0
From Here On Out0
gift of grace2
Grandma Mary0
Healing Time0
Hold On0
How To Be Alone0
How to Be Alone [*]0
I Hope This One Never Ends0
I Live in Your Ghost0
I Tried to Make You Smile2
I Won't Leave0
I Won't Let You Down2
I Would Call You Now0
If You Are The Writer0
In Your Hands0
Isn't It Poetry?0
Leaving Philadelphia (Arriving In Seattle)0
Let Go a Little0
Life Before Aesthetics5
Light My Way0
Light On My Face0
Little Flowers11
Looking For You0
Los Angeles2
Mark My Final Words0
Meant To Be1
Meant to Be [*]0
One More Day0
Over My Head0
Paper Doll0
Postcard Song1
Remember the Things You Have Seen0
Ringing of the Bell Tower0
Rise And Fall0
Rock Run0
Saint Cecilia (Ode to Music)0
Sarah's Bridge0
Say You'll Stick Around0
Say You'll Stick Around [*]0
Sets Of Keys0
Simple Life1
Sleep Sound0
So Far Away0
Song Of Songs1
St. Jude0
The '80's0
The '80s0
The '80s [Demo Version]0
This And That1
Two And A Glass Rose0
What Will Stay0
What Will Stay?0
Worry All The Time0
Worry All the Time [*]0
Yesterday, Tomorrow0
You and Me0
You Got Me Good5
Your Friend0
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