Song Name   Comments
'Til You Come Back to Me0
'Til You Let Your Heart Win0
An Englishman in the USA0
Another Time0
Another Year0
Cool Touch0
Dancing The Night Away0
Don't Look Away0
Don't Say It's Over0
Easy to Love0
End of the Game0
Endless Flight0
Everything I've Got0
Fool for Your Love0
Frankie Lee0
Giving It All Away1
Goodnight Old Friend0
Have You Ever Been in Love0
Heart (Stop Beating in Time)0
Hold on to My Love0
How Beautiful You Are0
How Much Love0
I Can't Stop Lovin' You (Though I Try)0
I Can't Stop Loving You0
I Can't Stop Loving You (Though I Try)0
I Hear the Laughter0
I Think We Fell in Love Too Fast0
I Want You Back0
I Will Not Stop Fighting0
In My Life0
Innocent Bystander0
It's Over0
La Booga Rooga0
Leave Well Enough Alone0
Let It Be0
Let It Be [*]0
Let Me Know0
Living in a Fantasy0
Long Tall Glasses0
Long Tall Glasses (I can Dance)0
Lost Control0
Milky White Way0
Milky White Way [Session Recording][*]0
More Than I Can Say3
More Than I Can Say [DVD]0
More Than I Can Say [Live]0
More Than I Can Say [Live] [Live]0
Never Had a Dream Come True0
No Business Like Love Business0
No Looking Back0
Oh Girl0
Oh Wot a Life0
On the Old Dirt Road0
Once in a While0
One Man Band0
Only Dreaming0
Only Foolin'0
Orchard Road1
Orchard Road [DVD]0
Orchard Road [Live]0
Paris Dies in the Morning0
Raining in My Heart0
Running to My Freedom0
Sea of Heartbreak0
She's Not Coming Back0
Show Must Go On0
Slow Motion0
Something Fine0
Stormy Weather0
Streets of Your Town0
Takin' the Easy Way Out0
Tears of a Clown [*]0
Tears of a Clown [Session Recording][*]0
The Dancer0
The End0
The Kid's Grown Up0
The Last Gig of Johnny B. Goode0
The Show Must Go On0
The Streets of Your Town0
The World Has Changed0
There Isn't Anything0
Thunder In My Heart0
Thunder in My Heart Again0
Thunder in My Heart Again [DVD]0
Thunder in My Heart Again [Radio Edit]0
Thunder in My Heart [DVD]0
Thunder in My Heart [Radio Version]0
Time Ran Out on You0
Unlucky in Love0
We Can Start All over Again0
We Can Start It All Over Again0
We've Got Ourselves in Love0
When I Came Home This Morning0
When I Need You7
When the Money Runs Out0
When the Money Runs Out [Demo Track][*]0
Where Did We Go Wrong0
Who Will the Next Fool Be0
Why Is Everybody Going Home1
Why Is Everybody Going Home?1
World Keeps on Turning0
World Radio0
Wounded Heart0
You Make Me Feel Like Dancin' [Live]0
You Make Me Feel Like Dancing6
You Make Me Feel Like Dancing [*]0
You Make Me Feel Like Dancing [DVD]0
You Make Me Feel Like Dancing [Live]0
You Make Me Feel Like Dancing [Single Version]0
Your Love Still Brings Me to My Knees0
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