...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead

An unlikely but powerful combination of punk fury and prog rock ambition, ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead were formed in late 1994 by singers/guitarists/drummers Jason Reece and Conrad Keely. The longtime ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
A Classic Arts Showcase4
A Perfect Teenhood20
A Place to Rest0
A Song of Fire and Wine0
A Witch's Web7
After the Laughter1
Aged Dolls3
All Saints Day11
All White2
An August Theme0
And You Will Know Them...0
Another Morning Stoner52
Back in NYC0
Bells Of Creation4
Blight Takes All1
Blood Rites4
Bright Young Things0
Bus Lines1
Children of the Hydra's Teeth0
Clair De Lune12
Counting Off The Days2
Cover The Days Like A Tidal Wave0
Crowning Of A Heart9
Days Of Being Wild13
Eight Days Of Hell1
Fake Fake Eyes8
Festival Thyme1
Fields of Coal1
Flood Of Red4
Flower Card Games0
Gargoyle Waiting3
Gold Heart Mountain Top Queen Directory (Guided by Voices cover)8
Halcyon Days0
Half Of What10
Halycon Days1
Heart in the Hand of the Matter7
Heart of Wires0
How Near How Far24
Idols of Perversity0
In the Realms of the Unreal0
Inland Sea0
Insatiable (One)1
Insatiable (Two)1
Isis Unveiled3
It Was There (That I Saw You)10
Let It Dive10
Let's Experiment0
Life Is Elsewhere0
Lost Songs0
Luna Park1
Mach Schau7
Mark David Chapman10
Mistakes And Regrets20
Mountain Battle Song0
Naked Sun1
Novena Without Faith0
Ode to Isis0
Open Doors0
Opera Obscura0
Ounce of Prevention2
Pictures of an Only Child0
Pinhole Cameras0
Prince With A Thousand Enemies6
Pure Radio Cosplay0
Relative Ways28
Richter Scale Madness6
Rule by Being Just0
Sigh Your Children5
So Divided3
Source Tags And Codes7
Spiral Jetty0
Stand in Silence5
Sunken Dreams6
The Best4
The Betrayal of Roger Casement and The Irish Brigade0
The Day the Air Turned Blue0
The Far Pavilions0
The Giants Causeway0
The Lost City of Refuge0
The Porpoise Song0
The Rest Will Follow7
The Summer of '915
Time and Again0
To Russia My Homeland0
Totally Natural7
Up from Redemption0
Up to Infinity0
Verschollene Songs0
Wasted State Of Mind10
Weight of the Sun (Or the Post-Modern Prometheus)0
When We Begin To Steal4
Will You Smile Again?12
Worlds Apart17
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