Song Name   Comments
...and This Is What The Devil Does3
13 Above Night0
13 Above the Night0
13 Above the Night [Mix]0
A Continental Touch1
A Daisy Chain 4 Satan3
A Daisy Chain 4 Satan [4 Ever & Ever Mix]0
A Leathersex [All Tied Up Mix]0
A Martini Built For 20
A Martini Built for Two0
After The Flesh9
And This Is What the Devil Does0
And This is What the Devil Does [Fade To Blacklight Mix]0
And This is What the Devil Does [Live][*]0
Apollo 690
Babylon Drifter0
Babylon Drifter [Live]0
Badlife [Kemek the Dope Computer Mix]0
Blondes With Lobotomy Eyes0
Blue Buddha0
Blue Buddha [Ba Baloo]0
Blue Buddha [Live]0
Blue Buddha [LP Version]0
Blue Buddha [Master of the Ultraflesh Mix][*]0
Blue Buddha [Radio Edit]0
Burning Dirt2
Burning Dirt [full]0
Burning Dirt [the Hand That Bleedz Mix]0
Chemical Cop Out [Live]0
Chemical Cop-out0
China De Sade1
Cuz It's Hot0
Delicate Terror1
Devil Bunnies0
Dimentia 660
Dimentia 66 - The Balad Of Lucy Western0
Dimentia 66 [Grayarea's Loaded on Lincoln Mix]0
Dirty Little Secrets0
Disko Flesh Pot0
Disko Fleshpot0
Disko Fleshpot [Phunk Investigation's Club Mix]0
Do U Fear (For You're Child?) [Klub Hell Mix]0
Do You Fear (for Your Child)?0
Do You Wanna Get Funky with Me0
Dope Doll Jungle0
Doris Love Club [Live]0
Dream Baby0
Easy Girl0
Electrical Soul Wish0
Electrical Soul Wish [Miss Hate Mix][*]0
Euro Freak Hustle0
Fangs Of Love0
Feel The Bite1
Final Blindness0
Gateway To Hell0
Gateway To Hell [Live][*]0
Glamour Is A Rocky Road2
Glamour Is a Rocky Road [Live]0
Golden Strip0
Golden Strip [Live]0
Hand in Hand0
Hit & Run Holiday0
Hit & Run Holiday [Live]0
Hit And Run Holiday0
Hot Blood Risin0
Hot Blood Risin [Live]0
Hot Blood Risin'0
International Sin Set0
Kooler Than Jesus2
Kooler Than Jesus [Ac/Dc Dog Mix]0
Leathersex [All Tied Up Mix]0
Leathersex [Midnight mix]0
Leathersex [MWhere's the Action? Mix][*]0
Leathersex [Paul Lancaster's Wipe Clean Mix]0
Leathersex [Remix]0
Lucifer's Flowers0
Lucifer’s Flowers0
Mission: Stardust1
Mood No. 60
Mr. & Mrs. Bottomless Pit0
Mr. Eleganza0
Mystery Babylon0
Nervous Xians0
Nervous Xians [Le Carnical Mix]0
On This Rack0
On This Rack [Live][*]0
Portrait Of The Damned0
Portrait of the Damned [Live]0
Princess Of Queens (the Lost Generation)0
Princess of the Queens0
Resisting The Spirit0
Ride The Midway0
Ride the Mindway0
Ride the Mindway [Acideater Mix]0
Ride the Mindway [Live][*]0
Savage Sexteen0
Sci-Fi Affair0
Seduction 230
Sex On Wheelz0
Sex on Wheelz [Freak Street Mix][*]0
Sex on Wheelz [Glamour Dyke Mix]0
Sexy Sucker0
Shock Of Point 60
Shock of Point 6 [Forbidden Saints Mix]0
Somebody New0
The Days of Swine & Roses [the Puppet Mix]0
The Days Of Swine And Roses2
The Devil Does Drugs0
The Doris Love Club0
The International Sin Set0
The Untouchable Class0
The Velvet Edge1
These Remains1
These Remains [Live][*]0
These Remains [Tranzlucious Mix]0
Universal Blackness0
Universal Luxury0
Universal Luxury!0
Waiting for Mommie0
Yesterday's Void0
Yesterday’s Void0