Yello is a Swiss electronica band consisting of Dieter Meier and Boris Blank. They are probably best known for their singles "The Race" and "Oh Yeah", which feature a mix of electronic music and manipulated vocals. ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
3rd Of June0
3rd of June [Remastered]0
Angel No0
Assistant's Cry0
Assistant's Cry [Remastered]0
Ballet Mecanique0
Ballet Mechanique0
Bananas To The Beat0
Bananas to the Beat [Remastered]0
Beyond Mirrors0
Bimbo [Remastered]0
Blazing Saddles0
Blazing Saddles [June 1989]0
Blazing Saddles [Remastered]0
Bostich (Reflected)0
Bostich [Remastered]0
Call It Love0
Call It Love [May 1987]0
Capri Calling0
Ciel Ouvert0
Coast to Polka0
Coast to Polka [Remastered]0
Cuad el Habib0
Daily Disco0
Desert Inn0
Desire [August 1985]0
Do It0
Do It [Instrumental]0
Do It [Instrumental][Mix]0
Do It [Marky P & Teri B. Dub]0
Do It [Marky P. & Teri B. Dub]0
Downtown Samba0
Downtown Samba [Remastered]0
Dr. Van Steiner0
Electric Frame0
Eternal Legs0
Eternal Legs [Remastered]0
Evening's Young0
Fat Cry0
Friday Smile0
Goldrush [August 1986]0
Great Mission0
Great Mission [Remastered]0
Heavy Whispers0
Heavy Whispers [Remastered]0
Homage to the Mountain0
Homage to the Mountain/Rubberbandman0
Homer Hossa0
How How0
How How [Acapella]0
I Love You1
I Love You [May 1983]0
I Love You [Remastered]0
I...i'm In Love0
Jingle Bells1
Jungle Bill0
Jungle Bill [Big Pig Shuffle]0
Jungle Bill [Space Shuffle]0
Kiss In Blue0
La Habanera0
Le Secret Farida0
Let Me Cry0
Liquid Mountain0
Lost Again0
Lost Again [Album Version]0
Lost Again [Oct. 1983]0
Lost Again [Remastered]0
Magneto [Remastered]0
Massage [Remastered]0
Moon In Ice0
Moon on Ice0
Move Dance Be Born0
Night Flanger0
Night Flanger [Remastered]0
Night Train0
No More Roger0
No More Words0
No More Words [Remastered]0
Ocean Club0
Of Course I'm Lying1
Of Course I'm Lying [Mar 1989]0
Oh Yeah16
Oh Yeah [August 1985]0
Oh Yeah [From Ferris Bueller's Day Off]0
On Track0
On Track [Doug Laurent's First Journey Dub]0
On Track [Doug Laurent's First Journey]0
Otto Di Catania0
Otto Di Catania [Remastered]0
Ouad el Habib0
Ouad El Habib (english)0
Out of Dawn0
Pan Blue0
Part Love0
Pinball Cha Cha0
Pinball Cha Cha [May 1982]0
Poom Shanka0
Pumping Velvet0
Pumping Velvet [Remastered]0
Reverse Lion0
Reverse Lion [Remastered]0
Rock Stop0
Rock Stop [Remastered]0
Salut Mayoumba0
Salut Mayoumba [Remastered]0
She's Got A Gun0
She's Got a Gun [Instrumental]0
Si Señor the Hairy Grill0
Si Senior The Hairy Grill1
Si Senor the Hairy Grill0
Smile On You0
Smile on You [Remastered]0
Solar Driftwood0
Sometimes (dr. Hirsch)1
Stanztrigger [Remastered]0
Suite 9090
Swing [Remastered]0
Take It All0
Takla Makan0
Tangier Blue0
The Evening's Young0
The Evening's Young [Jan. 1982]0
The Expert0
The Lorry0
The Premix [How How]0
The Race1
The Race [Instrumental]0
The Race [July 1988]0
The Race [Remastered]0
The Race [Tomcraft on Yello/Extended]0
The Race [Tomcraft on Yellow]0
The Rhythm Divine0
The Rhythm Divine [August 1987]0
Tied Up0
Tied up in Gear0
Tied Up In Gear [Remastered]0
Tied Up [Nov 1988]0
Tied Up [Remastered]0
Till Tomorrow0
Time Palace0
To The Sea1
To the Sea [Original Mix]0
To the Sea [Radio Version/Northern Mix]0
To the Sea [TSWL Mix]0
Trackless Deep0
Tremendous Pain1
Tremendous Pain [Album Version]0
Tremendous Pain [Suite 904 Alternative Vocal]0
Vertical Vision0
Vicious Games0
Vicious Games [August 1986]0
Who's Gone?0
Who's Groove (aka Who's Gone?)1
You Better Hide0
You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess0
You Gotta Say Yes to Another Excess [Remastered]0
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