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Song Name   Comments
(Waiting For) The Ghost Train4
(Waiting For) The Ghost Train [*]0
(Waiting For) the Ghost Train [Promo Video] [Alternate Take]0
11th Hour0
4 B.F.3
A Town With No Name0
Airplane A.K.A. Never Ask Twice1
All I Knew0
Animal Farm1
Are You Coming (With Me)0
Baggy Trousers7
Be Good Boy0
Beat The Bride0
Bed And Breakfast Man20
Bed and Breakfast Man [John Peel Session]0
Bed and Breakfast Man [Video]0
Behind The Eight Ball0
Believe Me0
Benny Bullfrog0
Blue Skinned Beast2
Brand New Beat0
Burning The Boats0
Call Me0
Calling Cards1
Cardiac Arrest4
Chipmunks Are Go1
Chipmunks Are Go!0
Clerkenwell Polka0
Close Escape0
Coldest Day0
Crying Shame0
Dangerman A.K.A. High Wire0
Day On The Town0
Deceives The Eye0
Don't Look Back0
Don't Look Back [*]0
Don't Quote Me On That1
Drip Fed Fred3
Driving in My Car1
Driving in My Car [*]0
Driving in My Car [Video] [Multimedia Track]0
Driving My Car2
Dust Devil0
Fireball XL50
Fireball XL5 [*]0
Forever Young0
Full house3
Gabriel's Horn0
Girl Why Don't You?0
Girl Why Don't You? [Dub]0
Give Me A Reason0
Going To The Top0
Grey Day12
Guns [*]0
House Of Fun24
House of Fun [*]0
Huose of Fun [Video] [Multimedia Track]0
I Chase The Devil A.K.A. Ironshirt0
I Pronounce You0
I'll Compete0
Idiot Child0
If I Didn't Care0
If You Think There's Something2
If You Think There's Something [*]0
In The City1
In The Middle Of The Night1
In The Rain0
In Wonder0
Inanity Over Christmas0
It Must Be Love9
Jennie (A Portrait Of)0
John Jones0
Johnny The Horse3
Keep Moving0
Land Of Hope And Glory2
Land of Hope and Glory [John Peel Session]0
Liberty of Norton Folgate0
Mad Not Mad0
Madness (Is All In The Mind)0
Madness (It's All in the Mind)0
Madness Song0
Madness [*]0
Madness [1999 Remaster]0
March Of The Gherkins0
Maybe In Another Life0
Michael Caine9
Micheal Caine0
Missing You0
Money, Money, Money0
Mr Speaker (Gets the Word)0
Mr. Speaker (Gets the Word)0
Mr. Speaker Gets The Word1
Mrs. Hutchinson0
Mummy's Boy1
My Girl7
My Girl [Ballad]0
My Girl [Live]0
My Girl [Video]0
Nail Down The Days0
Never Ask Twice (AKA Airplane)0
New Delhi0
Night Boat To Cairo5
Night Boat to Cairo [Video]0
Nightboat to Cairo0
Nightmare Nightmare0
No Money0
Not Home Today0
Nutty Theme0
On The Beat Pete0
On the Town0
One Better Day2
One Fine Day0
One Step Beyond16
One Step Beyond [*]0
One Step Beyond [Video]0
One Step Beyond...0
One's Second Thoughtlessness0
Our House28
Our House [*]0
Our House [Special Remix]0
Our House [Video] [Multimedia Track]0
Please Don't Go0
Primrose Hill1
Prince [Edit]0
Promises Promises0
Razor Blade Alley3
Return Of The Los Palmas 72
Riding on My Bike0
Riding on My Bike [*]0
Rise And Fall1
Rockin' In A Flat1
Sarah [*]0
Sarah's Song0
Saturday Night Sunday Morning0
Saturday Night/Sunday Morning0
Shadow Of Fear0
Shadow On The House0
Shame And Scandal1
Shut Up8
Sign Of The Times0
Simple Equation0
So Much Trouble In The World0
Solid Gone0
Song In Red1
Stepping Into Line0
Stepping Into Line [John Peel Session]0
Sugar and Spice0
Sun and the Rain0
Sunday Morning0
Swan Lake2
Swan Lake [Live] [Live]0
Sweetest Girl1
Take It Or Leave It0
Taller Than You Are1
Tarzan's Nuts0
Tears You Can’t Hide0
Tears You Can't Hide0
That Close0
That Face0
That's The Way To Do It0
That's the Way to Do It (AKA Odd Job Man) [Demo Version]0
The Bed and Breakfast Man0
The Business0
The Communicator0
The Harder They Come0
The Opium Eaters0
The Prince8
The Prince [Edit]0
The Prince [John Peel Session]0
The Prince [Video]0
The Return Of The Los Palmas 72
The Sun And The Rain2
The Sweetest Girl [Promo Video] [Alternate Take]0
The Wizard2
The Young And The Old0
Thunder And Lightning0
Time For Tea1
Tomorow's Just Another Day2
Tomorrow's (Just Another Day)0
Tomorrow's (Just Another Day) [*]0
Tomorrow's (Just Another Day) [Video] [Multimedia Track]0
Tomorrow's Dream1
Tomorrow's Just Another Day0
Turning Blue0
Uncle Sam3
Uncle Sam [Promo Video] [Alternate Take]0
Victoria Gardens0
Waiting for the Ghost Train0
Walking With Mr. Wheeze0
Walking with Mr. Wheeze [*]0
Waltz Into Mischief2
We Are London0
What's That0
When Dawn Arrives0
White Heat0
Wings Of A Dove9
Wings of a Dove (A Celebratory Song)1
Wings of a Dove/The Sun and the Rain/Michael Caine/One Better Day [Prom0
Yesterday's Men1
Yesterday's Men [Harmonica Version]0
Yesterday's Men [Promo Video] [Alternate Take]0
Yesterdays Men0
You Keep Me Hanging On0
You Said0
You'll Lose A Good Thing0
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