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(gotta Get Some) Shut-eye0
(There'll Be A) Hot Time in the Town of Berlin (When the Yanks Go ...)0
(There'll Be Blue Birds Over) The White Cliffs of Dover0
(there’ll Be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs Of Dover1
(Why Couldn't It Last) Last Night?0
A Cabana In Havana0
A Handful Of Stars0
A Little Old Church In England0
A Million Dreams Ago0
A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square0
A Pink Cocktail For A Blue Lady0
A Stone’s Throw From Heaven0
A String of Pearls0
A String of Pearls/Speech0
A-Tisket, A-Tasket0
Adios [Instrumental]0
After You've Gone0
Alice Blue Gown [Instrumental]0
All I Do Is Dream of You0
All I Do Is Dream of You [#]0
Along The Santa Fe Trail0
Always In My Heart0
American Patrol [Instrumental]0
An Angel In A Furnished Room0
And The Angels Sing0
And the Angels Sing [Take 2]0
Angel Child0
Angels Of Mercy0
April in Paris0
April Played The Fiddle0
As Time Goes By0
At Last0
At Last [Vocal Version]0
At The President’s Birthday Ball0
Baby Me0
Back To Back0
Be Happy0
Beat Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar0
Beer Barrel Polka0
Begin the Beguine0
Begin the Beguine [#]0
Begin the Beguine/Speech0
Below The Equator0
Bless You0
Blue Evening0
Blue Moon0
Blue Moonlight0
Blue Orchids0
Blue Rain0
Blueberry Hill0
Bluebirds In The Moonlight0
Bluebirds in the Moonlight [Silly Idea]0
Body and Soul0
Body and Soul [Live]0
Body and Soul/Speech0
Boog It0
Booglie Wooglie Piggy0
Bugle Call Rag0
Bugle Call Rag/Closing Theme0
But It Didn’t Mean A Thing0
Bye Bye Blues0
Can I Help It?0
Chapel In The Valley0
Chatanooga Choo Choo0
Chattanooga Choo Choo4
Chattanooga Choo Choo [from Patch Adams]0
Chattanooga Choo Choo [From Sun Valley Serenade]0
Chattanooga Choo Choo [from the Glenn Miller Story]0
Chattanooga Choo Choo [Live]0
Chattanooga Choo Choo [Stereo]0
Chattanooga Choo Choo [Sun Valley Serenade Film Soundtrack Alternate T]0
Chattanooga Choo Choo [Vocal Version]0
Chattanooga Choo-Choo0
Cinderella (stay In My Arms)0
Closing Theme (Moonlight Serenade)0
Conchita, Marquita, Lolita, Pepita, Rosita, Juanita Lopez0
Cow Cow Boogie0
Cow Cow Boogie/Speech0
Cradle Song0
Cuckoo In The Clock0
Daddy's Music [Instrumental]0
Dancing With Tears In My Eyes0
Danny Boy0
Danny Boy (Londonberry Air)0
Danny Boy (Londonderry Air)0
Danny Boy/Londonderry Air0
Day Dreaming0
Dear Mom0
Dearly Beloved0
Deep Purple0
Deep Purple [Live]0
Devil May Care0
Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead0
Ding-dong, The Witch Is Dead0
Do I Love You?0
Do You Know Why0
Don' Tsit Under the Apple Tree (With Anyone Else But Me)0
Don't Be That Way0
Don't Blame Me0
Don't Sit Under the Appeltree0
Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree0
Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree (With Alone Else But Me)0
Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree (With Anyone Else But Me)0
Don't Worry 'Bout Me0
Don't Worry 'Bout Me [Live]0
Don’t Cry Cherie0
Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree (with Anyone Else But Me)1
Down South Camp Meetin'0
Down South Camp Meeting0
Dream Love [Instrumental]0
Dreamsville, Ohio0
East of the Sun0
Elmer's Tune0
Elmer's Tune [Alternate Version]0
Elmers Tune0
Elmer’s Tune0
Embraceable You0
Ev'rything I Love0
Ev’rything I Love0
Faithful Forever0
Faithful To You0
Farewell Blues0
Farewell Blues [#]0
Farewell Blues [Live]0
Farewell Blues/Speech0
Five Minutes More0
Five O'Clock Whistle0
Five O’clock Whistle0
Fools Rush In0
Fools Rush In (where Angels Fear To Tread)0
For Once in My Life0
Fresh As A Daisy0
From One Love To Another0
Gaucho Serenade0
Georgia on My Mind0
Get Happy0
Get Happy/Speech0
Goodbye, Little Darling, Goodbye0
Guess I’ll Go Back Home (this Summer)0
Happy In Love0
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas0
Hear My Song, Violetta0
High on a Windy Hill0
Hold Tight0
Hold Tight (Want Some Sea Food, Mama)0
Hold Tight-Hold Tight (Want Some Sea Food, Mama)0
Hold Tight-Hold Tight (Want Some Sea Food, Mama) [Live]0
How Deep Is the Ocean0
How Deep Is the Ocean?0
How High the Moon0
How I’d Like To Be With You In Bermuda0
How Sweet You Are0
Humpty Dumpty Heart0
I Beg Your Pardon0
I Can't Give You Anything But Love0
I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby0
I Do, Do You? (do You Believe In Love)0
I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire0
I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire [Live]0
I Don't Want to Walk Without You0
I Guess I’ll Have To Dream The Rest0
I Just Got A Letter0
I Know Why0
I Know Why (And So Do You)0
I Must Have That Man!0
I Only Have Eyes for You0
I Want to Be Happy0
I Want to Be Happy [Live]0
I Wouldn‘t Take A Million0
I'd Know You Anywhere0
I'll Be Seeing You0
I'll Never Smile Again0
I'll Never Smile Again [Live]0
I'm Getting Sentimental Over You0
I'm Sitting on Top of the World0
I'm Stepping Out With a Memory Tonight0
I've Got a Gal in Kalamazoo0
I've Got a Gal in Kalamazoo [18 MPM]0
I've Got a Gal in Kalamazoo [From Orchestra Wives]0
I've Got No Strings0
I've Got the World on a String0
In a Little Spanish Town0
In a Sentimental Mood0
In a Sentimental Mood [Live]0
In an Old Dutch Garden0
In An Old Dutch Garden (by An Old Dutch Mill)0
In the Middle of May0
In The Mood4
In the Mood [*]0
In the Mood [From Die Glenn Miller Story]0
In the Mood [From Sun Valley Serenade]0
In the Mood [Instrumental]0
In the Mood [Second Version]0
In the Mood [Take Two]0
Indian Summer0
Intro Moonlight Serenade: Opening Theme0
Isn‘t That Just Like Love0
It Happened In Hawaii0
It Happened In Sun Valley0
It Happened in Sun Valley [Stereo]0
It Happened in Sun Valley [Vocal Version]0
It Was Written In The Stars0
It's a Blue World0
It’s A Blue World0
It’s Always You0
I’d Know You Anywhere0
I’ll Never Smile Again0
I’m Old Fashioned0
I’m Sorry For Myself0
I’m Stepping Out With A Memory Tonight0
I’m Thrilled0
I’ve Got A Gal In Kalamazoo0
Jeepers Creepers0
Jersey Bounce0
Jingle Bells1
Johnson Rag0
Johnson Rag [Version 2]0
Juke Box Saturday Night0
Juke Box Saturday Night [Live]0
Jukebox Saturday Night0
Kalamazoo (I've Got a Gal In)0
Knit One, Purl Two0
Lady Be Good0
Lamp Is Low0
Let’s All Sing Together0
Little Brown Jug0
Long Ago (And Far Away)0
Long Ago (And Far Away)/Speech0
Long Ago and Far Away0
Long Ago and Far Away (Lang Ist Es Her und Weit Zurück)0
Long Time No See, Baby0
Love Child0
Love With A Capital "you"0
Lullaby of Birdland0
Lullaby Of The Rain0
Make Believe Ballroom Time0
Man with the Mandolin0
Melancholy Lullaby0
Mister Meadowlark0
Moments In The Moonlight0
Moon Love0
Moon Love [Only Moon Love]0
Moonlight Becomes You0
Moonlight Cocktail0
Moonlight Mood0
Moonlight Serenade1
Moonlight Serenade (Closing Theme)0
Moonlight Serenade (Intermission Theme)0
Moonlight Serenade (Opening Theme)0
Moonlight Serenade (Opening Theme}0
Moonlight Serenade (Theme and Fadeout)0
Moonlight Serenade [Closing Theme]0
Moonlight Serenade [Digitally Mastered - March 1990]0
Moonlight Serenade [Faded Closing Theme]0
Moonlight Serenade [Instrumental]0
Moonlight Serenade [Opening Theme]0
Moonlight Serenade [Theme and Close]0
Moonlight Serenade [Theme and Intro]0
Moonlight Serenade/Closing0
Moonlight Serenda0
Moonlight Serendade0
Moonlight Srenade0
Moonlight Srernade/Speech0
Mr. Meadowlark0
My Blue Heaven0
My Last Goodbye0
My Melancholy Baby0
My Prayer0
My Reverie0
My! My!0
Nearness of You0
New York, New York0
Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square0
Now Is the Hour0
Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh!0
Oh What a Beautiful Morning0
Oh You Crazy Moon0
Oh! What a Beautiful Mornin'0
Oh! You Crazy Moon0
Oh, Lady Be Good0
Oh, Lady Be Good!0
Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'0
Oh, What a Beautiful Morning0
Oh, What a Beautiful Morning [#]0
Oh, What a Beautiful Morning [Live]0
Oh, You Crazy Moon0
On A Little Street In Singapore0
On The Old Assembly Line0
On the Sunny Side of the Street0
Ooh! What You Said0
Opening Theme (Moonlight Serenade)0
Orange Blossom Lane0
Our Love Affair0
Our Love Affair [Live]0
Our Waltz0
Out Of Space0
Over The Rainbow0
Over the Rainbow [New York, July 12, 1939]0
Over There0
Pagan Love Song0
Papa Niccolini (the Happy Cobbler)0
Peg O' My Heart0
Peg O'My Heart0
Pennies From Heaven0
Pennslyvania 6-5000
Pennsylvania 6-5000
Pennsylvania 6-50000
Pennsylvania 6-5000 [Instrumental]0
Pennsylvania Six-Five Thousand0
People Will Say We're in Love0
Pin Ball Paul0
Polka Dots And Moonbeams0
Rendezvous Time In Paree0
Ring, Telephone, Ring0
Romance Runs In The Family0
Run, Rabbit, Run0
Runnin' Wild0
Running Wild0
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town0
Saxo Sound [Instrumental]0
Say "si, Si"0
Say It0
Serenade In Blue0
Serenade in Blue [from Swing Shift]0
Serenade in Blue [Orchestra Wives Film Soundtrack Non-Vocal Alternat]0
Serenade in Blue [Vocal Version]0
Shadows On The Sand0
Shake Down The Stars0
She's Funny That Way0
She’ll Always Remember0
Shhh, It’s A Military Secret0
Sierra Sue0
Sleep Song0
Sleepy Time Gal0
So Many Times0
Soldier Let Me Read Your Letter0
Sophisticated Lady0
South of the Border0
Speak Low0
Speak Low [Live]0
Speaking Of Heaven0
Spring Will Be So Sad (when She Comes This Year)0
St. Louis Blues0
St. Louis Blues - March0
St. Louis Blues March0
St. Louis Blues [Instrumental]0
Stairway To The Stars0
Stairway to the Stars [Take 2]0
Stairway to the Stars [Version Two]0
Stairway to the Stars/To You0
Star Dust0
Star Eyes0
Star Eyes [Live]0
Stardust [#]0
Starlight And Music0
Starlit Hour0
String of Pearls0
Sweet Potato Piper0
Sweeter Than The Sweetest0
Swing Low Sweet Chariot0
Swinging Honeymoon [Instrumental]0
That Old Black Magic0
The Airminded Executive0
The Angels Came Thru0
The Beer Barrel Polka0
The Booglie Wooglie Piggy0
The Call Of The Canyon0
The Christmas Song0
The Cowboy Serenade0
The Cradle Song0
The Day We Meet Again0
The Five O'Clock Whistle0
The Gaucho Serenade0
The Humming Bird0
The In the Mood0
The Lady’s In Love With You0
The Lamp Is Low0
The Lamplighter’s Serenade0
The Little Man Who Wasn’t There0
The Man In The Moon0
The Man With The Mandolin0
The Mem’ry Of A Rose0
The More I See You0
The Music Stopped0
The Nearness Of You0
The One I Love (belongs To Somebody Else)0
The Rhumba Jumps0
The Sky Fell Down1
The St. Louis Blues March0
The Starlit Hour0
The Story Of A Starry Night0
The Trolley Song0
The Way You Look Tonight0
The Whiffenpoof Song (Baa! Baa! Baa!)0
The White Cliffs of Dover0
The White Cliffs of Dover [From Radio Days]0
The Woodchuck Song0
The Woodpecker Song0
Theme (Moonlight Serenade)0
Theme/I Know Why (And So Do You) [Stereo]0
Theme: Moonlight Serenade0
There'll Be a Hot Time in the Town of Berlin0
These Foolish Things0
This Changing World0
This Is No Laughing Matter0
This Time The Dream’s On Me0
Three Little Fishes0
Three O'Clock in the Morning0
Tiger Rag0
Time on My Hands0
To You0
Tuxedo Junction0
Twilight Interlude0
Under Blue Canadian Skies0
Vagabond Dreams0
Wanna Hat With Cherries0
We Can Live On Love0
We're the Couple in the Castle0
We’re The Couple In The Castle0
Wham (re-bop-boom-bam)0
What’s The Matter With Me0
What’s Your Story Morning Glory0
When Johnny Comes Marchin‘ Home1
When That Man Is Dead And Gone0
When The Man Is Dead and Gone0
When The Roses Bloom Again0
When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano0
When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano [Chicago, June 13, 1940]0
When You Wish Upon a Star0
Where or When (Wo Oder Wann)0
Where or When/Speech0
White Cliffs of Dover0
Who's Sorry Now?0
Wishing (Will Make It So)0
Wishing (Will Make It So) [Live]0
Wishing Will Make It So0
Woodpecker Song0
You and I0
You Stepped Out of a Dream0
You Stepped out of a Dream [New York, January 17, 1941]0
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