Song Name   Comments
11th Street Kids2
11th Street Kids [*]0
11Th Street Kidzz0
A Day Late, A Dollar Short2
A Day Late, A Dollar Short [Video Clip]0
A Million Miles Away0
Back to Mystery City0
Back to Mystery City [*]0
Beating Gets Faster0
Beer And A Cigarette0
Better High0
Blitzkrieg Bop0
Boiler (Me Boiler 'N' Me)0
Boulevard of Broken Dreams5
Boulevard of Broken Dreams [*][Multimedia Track]0
Café Avenue0
Cafe Avenue0
Center of My Universe0
Cutting Corners0
Day Late, A Dollar Short, A0
Dead by Christmas0
Dead by X-Mas0
Dead By Xmas0
Dear Miss Lonely Hearts0
Deisgns On You0
Designs on You0
Devil Woman0
Do the Duck0
Don't Follow Me0
Don't Never Leave Me0
Don't You Ever Leave Me1
Eternal Optimist0
Fallen Star0
First Timer0
Gypsy Boots0
High School0
High School [*][Multimedia Track]0
I Can't Get It0
I Feel Alright0
I Love You0
I Want You0
Ice Cream Summer0
In My Darkest Moment1
Intro (to Twelve Shots On The Rocks)0
Intro [Instrumental]0
Kill City0
L.A.C.U. [Instrumental]0
Lick Summer Love0
Lightnin' Bar Blues0
Lightning Bar Blues0
Lost In The City0
Love's An Injection2
M.C. Baby0
Magic Carpet Ride0
Malibu Beach Nightmare0
Menaced by Nightingales0
Mental Beat0
Mental Beat [*]0
Million Miles Away3
Million Miles Away (AKA Never Get Enough)0
Million Miles Away [Multimedia Track]0
Moonlite Dance0
Motorvatin' [*]0
New York City0
No Compromise, No Regrets0
No Law Or Order0
Nothing New0
Oil and Gasoline0
Oriental Beat0
People Like Me0
People Like Me [*]0
Problem Child0
Rebel on the Run0
Reggae Rocker0
Sailing Down The Tears0
Self Destruction Blues0
Stop Cryin'0
Strange Boys Play Weird Openings0
Suberian Theme [Instrumental]0
Sweet Home Suburbia0
Talk to the Hand0
Taxi Driver0
Teenangels Outsiders0
The Boulevard of Broken Dreams0
The Devil in You0
The Train Kept A Rollin'0
Tooting Bec Wreck0
Tragedy [*]0
Train Kept A Rollin'1
Two Steps from the Move0
Under My Wheels0
Under My Wheels [Live]0
Underwater World1
Until I Get You0
Until I Get You [*]0
Up Around the Bend6
Village Girl0
Villiage Girl0
Walking With My Angel0
Watch This0
Whatcha Want0
Whispers In The Dark0
Willing to Cross the Ocean0
Winged Bull0
Winged Bull [Xtra Track][*]0
You Make the Earth Move0
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