Song Name   Comments
A Free Thinker1
A Wilderness0
A Woman of the World0
American Dove0
American Dreamer0
And When I Die3
And When I Die [Album Version]0
And When I Die [Live from the Bottom Line]0
And When I Die [Live][#]0
Angel in the Dark0
Animal Grace0
Art of Love0
Beads of Sweat0
Been on a Train1
Billy's Blues0
Blowin' Away0
Blowing Away1
Broken Rainbow0
Brown Earth0
Buy and Sell0
California Shoeshine Boys0
Captain for Dark Mornings0
Captain Saint Lucifer3
Child in a Universe0
Children of the Junks0
Christmas in My Soul0
Christmas in My Soul [#]0
Crazy Love0
Dancers Sweepers Bookkeepers (Women of the One World)0
December's Boudoir0
Dedicated to the One I Love0
Don't Hurt Child0
Eli's Comin'0
Eli's Coming0
Embraceable You0
Emmie [#]0
Emmie [#][*][Demo Version]0
Flim Flam Man0
Gardenia Talk0
Gibsom Street3
Good-Bye, Joe0
Goodbye Joe0
He's a Runner0
I Am the Blues0
I Am the Blues [#]0
I Met Him on a Sunday0
I Never Meant to Hurt You2
It's Gonna Take a Miracle0
Japanese Restaurant Song0
Jimmy Mack0
La Means I Love You0
Late for Love0
Lazy Susan0
Light (Pop's Principle)0
Light--Pop's Principle0
Lite a Flame (The Animal Rights Song)0
Lonely Women0
Louise's Church0
Man in the Moon0
Map to the Treasure1
Map to the Treasure [#]0
Melody in the Sky0
Mercy on Broadway0
Midnite Blue0
Monkey Time/Dancing in the Street0
Mother Earth0
Mother's Spiritual0
Mr. Blue0
Mr. Blue (The Song of Communications)0
My Innocence0
New York Tendaberry2
Oh Yeah Maybe Baby (The Heebie Jeebies)0
Oh Yeah Maybe Baby (The Heebie Jeebies) [*]0
Once It Was Alright Now (Farmer Joe)0
Ooh Baby Baby0
Ooh Baby, Baby0
Ooo Baby Baby0
Park Song0
Poverty Train2
Rhythm and Blues0
Roll of the Ocean0
Save the Country2
Save the Country [#]0
Save the Country [Live][#]0
Save the Country [Mono Version][*][Version]0
Save the Country [Single Mix]0
Save the Country [Single Version]0
Save the Country [Single Version] [Version]0
Serious Playground0
Sexy Mama0
Spanish Harlem0
Spanish Harlem [#]0
Stoned Soul Picnic4
Stoned Soul Picnic [#][*][Demo Version]0
Stoney End6
Stormy Love0
Sweet Blindness4
Sweet Blindness [Live]0
Sweet Dream Fade0
Sweet Lovin' Baby1
Sweet Sky0
Talk to a Green Tree0
The Bells0
The Brighter Song0
The Cat Song0
The Cat-Song0
The Confession0
The Descent of Luna Rosé0
The Man Who Sends Me Home0
The Morning News0
The Nest0
The Night to Vote0
The Right to Vote0
The Sweet Sky0
The Wind0
Time and Love0
To a Child0
To a Child...0
Tom Cat Goodby1
Tom Cat Goodbye0
Trees of the Ages0
Triple Goddess Twilight0
Up on the Roof0
Upstairs by a Chinese Lamp2
Walk the Dog and Light the Light (Song of the Road)0
Wedding Bell Blues3
When I Was a Freeport and You Were the Main Drag0
When I Was A Freeport And You Werer The Main Drag0
Wild World0
Will You Love Me Tomorrow0
Wind Circles0
Woman's Blues0
You Don't Love Me When I Cry0
You've Really Got a Hold on Me0
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