When the Dirty South movement broke nationwide at the turn of the century, Ludacris rode it to immediate widespread popularity, becoming arguably the most commercially successful Southern rapper of the time. In 2000 the ... Read more
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1st & 100
9 Times Out of 100
Act a Fool6
All the Way Turned Up0
And Starring . . .0
Area Codes12
B R Right0
B.O.T.S. Radio0
Bada Boom0
Beast Mode0
Beat Box0
Black Man's Struggle (Skit)0
Block Lockdown0
Blow It Out0
Blueberry Yum Yum17
Born an OG0
Break Bread0
Break Sumthin'0
Break Your Heart0
Burning Bridges0
Call Up the Homies0
Call Ya Bluff0
Can't Live with You0
Catch Up0
Charge It to the Rap Game0
Child of the Night5
Chopped N Skrewed0
Cold Outside2
Come and See Me0
Come and See Me (Interlude)0
Come on Over (Skit)0
Coming 2 America1
Conjure Commercial0
Cry Babies (Oh No)0
Cut Up0
Dancing Dirty0
Dey Know (Remix)0
Diamond in the Back0
Do Sumthin Strange0
Do the Right Thang0
Do Your Time0
Down in the Dirty0
End of the Night0
Everybody Drunk0
Everybody Hates Chris0
Eyebrows Down0
Fat Rabbit0
Fatty Girl1
Feelin' So Sexy0
Freaky Girl0
Freaky Thangs2
Freedom of Preach0
Furiously Dangerous0
Game Got Switched0
Get Back24
Get Lit0
Get Off Me0
Get The Fuck Back3
Gimme Dat0
Girls Gone Wild2
Give Me a Chance0
Go To Sleep1
Gold Digger0
Good Lovin0
Grass Is Always Greener0
Greatest Hits (Skit)0
Grew Up A Screw Up1
Growing Pains6
Growing Pains (Remix)0
Hard Times0
Helluva Night0
Hey Ho0
High Price0
Hip Hop Quotables0
History Lesson (Interlude)0
Ho (Skit)17
Hoes in My Room0
Hood Stuck0
How Do You Sleep?0
How Low7
How We Do It in the A0
Howhere (Skit)0
I Ain't the One0
I Do It All Night0
I Do It for Hip Hop0
I Know You Got a Man0
I'm on Fire0
IDGAF Intro0
If I Ain't Fucked Up0
In My Life0
Interactive (Skit)0
Intro (1.21 Gigawatts)0
Intro (Luda LP4)0
Intro (Ludaversal)0
Intro (Red Light District)0
Intro (Theater of the Mind)0
It Wasn't Us0
Keep It On The Hush1
Large Amounts0
Last of a Dying Breed3
Let's Stay Together0
Little Bad Girl0
Look What I Got0
Lyrical Healing0
Mad Fo0
Meet the Dealer0
Midnight Train0
Money Maker36
Mouthing Off2
Mouths to Feed1
Move Bitch104
Muthafucka Can U Buy That0
My Chick Bad0
My Chick Bad Remix0
Nasty Girl0
Need a Boss0
Not Long0
Number One Spot3
Ocean Skies0
On Top of the World0
One More Drink0
Party No Mo'0
Pass Out0
Phat Rabbit (Feat. Timbaland)4
Pimpin All Over the World6
Politics (Obama Is Here)1
Politics as Usual1
Pop Champagne0
Press the Start Button0
Pussy Poppin3
Put Your Money0
Raised in the South0
Rearview (Ridin')0
Rest of My Life0
Rich & Flexin0
Rob Quarters (Skit)0
Rock And A Hard Place1
Roll the Credits0
Rollout (My Business)42
Runaway Love61
Saturday (Oooh Oooh!)6
Save It for Another Day0
Say It to My Face0
Secret Song0
Sex Room0
Shake and Fries0
Shake Dat Shit0
She Said0
She's a Trip0
Skit (Luda LP4)0
Smokin' Dro0
Southern Fried Intro1
Southern Gangsta0
Southern Hospitality10
Speak Into the Mic0
Splash Waterfalls7
Spur of the Moment0
Stand Up6
Stay Together0
Stick 'Em Up1
Stop Lying (Skit)0
Stuck Up0
Sweet Revenge0
T Baggin' Skit0
Take It Slow0
Tell It Like It Is1
Tell Me a Secret0
The Potion5
The Vocalizer0
Tickets Sold Out (Skit)0
Trill Recognize Trill0
Two Miles an Hour0
U Got a Problem?0
Ultimate Satisfaction3
Viagra (Skit)0
War With God1
Warning (Intro)0
We Ain't Worried 'Bout You0
We Got0
Welcome to Atlanta (feat. Jermaine Dupri)5
Wet The Bed0
What Means the World to You (Remix)0
What Them Girls Like0
What You Smoking On0
What's Your Fantasy41
What's Your Fantasy (Remix)1
Who Not Me0
Why You Up in Here0
Wish You Would0
Word of Mouf (Freestyle)0
Ya Heard0
You Got A Poblem0
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