New Edition

New Edition's early, Jackson 5-inspired material made them the forerunners of two generations of teen pop (most of which was geared to white audiences). As they matured and progressed, they laid much of the groundwork for ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
(Hey There) Lonely Girl0
A Little Bit of Love (Is All It Takes)0
A Million to One0
A Thousand Miles Away0
All And All0
All for Love0
All I Need for Christmas Is My Girl0
All on You0
Baby Love0
Been So Long0
Best Man0
Blue Moon0
Boys To Men1
Bring Back the Memories0
Can You Stand The Rain5
Candy Girl2
Come Home With Me0
Conference Call0
Cool It Now1
Count Me Out0
Do What I Gotta Do0
Duke of Earl0
Earth Angel0
Every Little Step0
Feelin' It0
Full Service0
Gimme Your Love0
Give Love on Christmas Day0
Gotta Have Your Lovin'0
Happy Holidays to You0
Hear Me Out0
Helplessly in Love0
Hide and Seek0
Hit Me Off0
Home Again0
Hot 2Nite0
How Do You Like Your Love Served0
I'm Comin' Home0
I'm Leaving You Again0
I'm Still in Love With You0
If It Isn't Love3
Is This The End1
It's Christmas (All Over the World)0
Jealous Girl0
Kinda Girls We Like0
Last Time0
Leave Me0
Let's Be Friends0
Lost in Love0
Love Again0
Mr. Telephone Man2
My Prerogative0
My Secret (Didja Get It Yet?)0
N.E. Heart Break0
Oh, Yeah, It Feels So Good0
Old Friends0
Once in a Lifetime Groove0
One Love Interlude0
One More Day0
Ooh Baby0
Pass the Beat0
Popcorn Love0
Re-Write the Memories0
Rock Wit'cha0
Sexy Lady0
She Gives Me a Bang0
Shop Around0
Should Never Have Told Me0
Since I Don't Have You0
Singing Merry Christmas0
Something About You0
Start Turnin' Me On0
Sweet Thing0
Tears on My Pillow0
Thank You (The J.G. Interlude)0
That's the Way We're Livin'0
That's Why I Lied0
The Joy of Christmas0
Tighten It Up0
Tonight's Your Night0
Try Again0
What's Your Name?0
Where It All Started0
Whispers in Bed0
Who Do You Trust0
Wildest Dreams0
With You All the Way0
You Don't Have to Worry0
You're Not My Kind of Girl1