Song Name   Comments
A View from the Mountain0
After The Show1
All This Crazy Gift of Time0
Baby Come Home0
Baby's on Fire (Brian Eno cover)0
Ballad of a Salesman Who Sold Himself0
Ballad of Mr Snake0
Ballad of Mr. Snake0
Ballad of Mr. Snake [*]0
Ballbearing Blues0
Beware of the Dog0
Blaming It All On Love0
Butterfly Dance0
Caribbean Moon0
Caribbean Moon [Live] [Live][#]0
Champagne Cowboy Blues0
Circular Letter1
City Waltz0
Clarence in Wonderland0
Cold Shoulder0
Colores Para Dolores0
Crazy Gift of Time0
Day by Day0
Decadence [#][*]0
Didn't Feel Lonely Till I Thought of You0
Didn't Feel Lonely Till I Thought of You [*]0
Didn’t Feel Lonely Till I Thought Of You0
Diminished But Not Finished0
Don't Let It Get You Down0
Everybody's Sometime And Some People's All The Time Blues0
Fake Mexican Tourist Blues0
Fake Mexican Tourist Blues [*]0
Falling in Love Again0
Farewell Again (another Dawn)0
Flying Start0
Gemini Child0
Gemini Child [*]0
Girl on a Swing0
Given and Taken0
Goodnight Goodnight0
Guru Banana0
Heartbreak Hotel (Elvis Presley cover)0
I Don't Depend on You0
I'm So Tired0
Interview/International Anthem0
Irreversible Neural Damage0
Jolie Madame0
Jolie Madame [*]0
Lady Rachel0
Lady Rachel [*]0
Lunatic's Lament0
Lunatics Lament0
Madame Butterfly0
May I0
May I?1
Miss Hanaga0
Miss Hanagal0
Money, Money, Money0
Mr. Cool0
Mr. Cool [*]0
Observations [*]0
Oh My0
Oh! Wot A Dream1
Once Upon An Ocean0
Only Heaven Knows0
Oyster And the Flying Fish0
Puis Je?0
Run Run Run0
See You Later0
See You Later/Didn't Feel Lonely 'til I Thought Of0
Shine a Light0
Shouting In A Bucket Blues1
Shouting in a Bucket Blues [*]0
Shouting in a Bucket Blues [Live] [Live][#]0
Singing a Song in the Morning0
Singing a Song in the Morning [*]0
Song for Insane Times1
Song from the Bottom of a Well0
Soon Soon Soon0
Soon Soon Soon [*]0
Stars [*]0
Stop This Train0
Stop This Train [*]0
Strange Song0
Stranger In Blue Suede Shoes0
Stranger in Blue Suede Shoes [*]0
Stranger in Blue Suede Shoes [Early Mix]0
Stranger in Blue Suede Shoes [Live] [Live][#]0
Super Salesman0
Sweet Deceiver0
Take Me to Tahiti0
Take Me to Tahiti [B-Side][*]0
The Clarietta Rag0
The End (The Doors cover)0
The Lady Rachel0
The Oyster and the Flying Fish0
Toujours La Voyage0
Town Feeling0
Two Goes into Four0
Two Goes into Four [*]0
Walk on Water0
Whatevershebringswesing [Live] [Live][#]0
Where Do I Go from Here0
Where Do I Go from Here?0
Where Do the Stars End0
Where Do the Stars End?0
Why Are We Sleeping0
Why Are We Sleeping?2
Why Are We Sleeping? [Live] [Live][#]0
Wide Awake0
Yes I Do0
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