Bruce Cockburn

Immensely popular in his native Canada, singer/songwriter Bruce Cockburn has found only cult success south of the border, in spite of a rich, varied body of work and considerable critical nods. He has won numerous Juno ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
12 String Warm-Up0
A Dream Like Mine0
A Life Story0
A Long-Time Love Song0
A Montreal Song0
Actions Speak Louder0
Adeste Fidelis0
After the Rain0
All Our Dark Tomorrows0
All the Diamonds in the World0
All the Ways I Want You0
All's Quiet on the Inner City Front0
Always Look on the Bright Side of Life0
And We Dance0
Anything Can Happen0
Anything, Anytime, Anywhere0
Arrows of Light0
Avalon, My Home Town0
Badlands Flashback1
Beautiful Creatures0
Berlin Tonight0
Birmingham Shadows0
Blueberry Hill0
Bohemian 3-Step0
Bone in My Ear0
Bright Sky0
Broken Wheel0
Burden of the Angel/Beast 0
Bye Bye Idi0
Cader Idris0
Cala Luna0
Call It Democracy1
Call It the Sundance0
Call Me Rose0
Called Me Back0
Can I Go with You0
Candy Man's Gone0
Celestial Horses0
Change Your Mind0
Child of the Wind0
Christmas Song0
Civilization and Its Discontents0
Clocks Don't Bring Tomorrow - Knives Don't Bring Good News0
Closer to the Light0
Comets of Kandahar0
Creation Dream1
Cry of a Tiny Babe0
Dancing in Paradise0
Dawn Music0
Deep Lake0
Deer Dancing Round a Broken Mirror0
Deja Vu0
Dialogue with the Devil0
Different When It Comes to You0
Don't Feel Your Touch0
Don't Forget About Delight 0
Don't Have to Tell You Why0
Down Here Tonight0
Down in Yon Forest0
Down to the Delta0
Driving Away0
Dust and Diesel0
Dweller by a Dark Stream0
Each One Lost0
Early on One Christmas Morn0
Embers of Eden0
Everywhere Dance0
Fascist Architecture0
Feast of Fools0
Feet Fall on the Road0
Festival of Friends0
Five Fifty-One0
For the Birds0
Free to Be0
Gavin's Woodpile1
Get Up Jonah0
Go Tell It on the Mountain0
God Bless the Children0
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen0
Going to the Country0
Going Up Against Chaos0
Golden Serpent Blues0
Gospel of Bondage0
Great Big Love0
Grim Travellers0
Guerrilla Betrayed0
Happy Good Morning Blues0
He Came from the Mountain0
Hey, It's Franklin0
High Winds White Sky0
Hills of Morning0
Homme Brulant0
Hoop Dancer0
How I Spent My Fall Vacation0
I Saw Three Ships0
I Wanna Dance with You0
I'm Gonna Fly Some Day0
Iesus Ahatonnia (The Huron Carol)0
If A Tree Falls0
If I Had a Rocket Launcher5
In the Falling Dark0
Incandescent Blue0
Indian Wars0
Islands in a Black Sky0
Isn't That What Friends Are For?1
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear0
It Won't Be Long0
It's an Elephant World0
It's Going Down Slow0
January in the Halifax Airport Lounge0
Jerusalem Poker0
Joy to the World0
Joy Will Find a Way0
Keep It Open0
King Kong Goes to Tallahassee0
Kit Carson0
Lament for the Last Days0
Last Night of The World0
Les Anges Dans Nos Campagnes0
Let the Bad Air Out0
Let Us Go Laughing0
Life Short Call Now0
Life Will Open0
Life's Mistress0
Lily of the Midnight Sky0
Listen for the Laugh0
Little Seahorse0
Live on My Mind0
Lois on the Autobahn 0
Look How Far0
Lord of the Starfields0
Love Loves You Too0
Love Song0
Lovers in a Dangerous Time5
Making Contact0
Mama Just Wants to Barrelhouse All Night Long0
Man of a Thousand Faces0
Mary Had a Baby0
Maybe the Poet0
Messenger Wind0
Mighty Trucks of Midnight0
Mistress of Storms0
More Not More0
Morning Hymn0
Musical Friends0
My Beat0
My Lady and My Lord0
Nanzen Fi0
Never So Free0
Night Train0
No Footprints0
Northern Lights0
Nude Descending a Staircase0
O Little Town of Bethlehem0
One Day I Walk0
One of the Best Ones0
Open Arms0
Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand0
Pacing the Cage0
Pangs of Love0
Parnassus and Fog0
Peace March0
Peggy's Kitchen Wall0
People See Through You0
Planet of the Clowns0
Postcards from Cambodia0
Prenons La Mer0
Put It in Your Heart0
Put Our Hearts Together0
Radio Shoes0
Radium Rain0
Red Brother, Red Sister0
Red Ships Take Off in the Distance0
Rise and Fall0
Riu Riu Chiu0
Rouler Sa Bosse0
Rumours of Glory0
Sahara Gold0
Salt, Sun and Time0
Santiago Dawn0
Scanning These Crowds0
See How I Miss You0
See You Tomorrow0
Seeds on the Wind0
Shining Mountain0
Shipwrecked at the Stable Door0
Silent Night0
Silver Wheels0
Slow Down Fast1
Somebody Touched Me0
Someone I Used to Love0
Soul of a Man0
Southland of the Heart0
Spring Song0
Stained Glass0
Stolen Land0
Strange Waters0
Strong Hand of Love0
Sunrise on the Mississippi0
Sunwheel Dance0
Tell the Universe0
The Bicycle Trip0
The Blues Got the World...0
The Charity of Night1
The City Is Hungry0
The Coldest Night of the Year0
The Coming Rains0
The Embers of Eden0
The End of All Rivers0
The Gift0
The Iris of the World0
The Light Goes on Forever0
The Mines of Mozambique0
The Pipes, the Pipes0
The Rose Above the Sky0
The Strong One0
The Thirteenth Mountain0
The Ting/Cauldron0
The Trouble with Normal2
The Whole Night Sky0
This Is Baghdad0
Thoughts on a Rainy Afternoon0
Tibetan Side of Town0
Tie Me at the Crossroads0
To Fit in My Heart0
To Raise the Morning Star0
Together Alone0
Totem Pole0
Train in the Rain0
Trickle Down0
Tried and Tested0
Tropic Moon0
Twilight on the Champlain Sea0
Understanding Nothing0
Untitled Guitar0
Up on the Hillside0
Use Me While You Can0
Wait No More0
Waiting For A Miracle0
Waiting for the Moon0
Wanna Go Walking0
Water Into Wine0
What About the Bond0
When It's Gone, It's Gone0
When the Sun Falls0
When the Sun Goes Nova0
When You Give It Away0
Where the Death Squad Lives0
Wise Users0
Wondering Where The Lions Are13
World of Wonders0
Yanqui Go Home0
You Don't Have to Play the Horses0
You Get Bigger as You Go0
You Pay Your Money and You Take Your Chance0
You Point to the Sky0
You've Never Seen Everything0