Song Name   Comments
$1,000,000 Song1
1000 Miles0
All the Lost Souls Welcome You to San Francisco0
All Your Jeans Were Too Tight1
America Loves the Minstrel Show0
Animal Pen0
Another Morning2
Apology for an Accident0
Art of Love1
At My Mercy1
Away Down My Street1
Bad Liquor1
Big Night1
Blue and Grey Shirt3
Broken Glass1
Can You Help Me0
Can You Help Me?0
Cape Canaveral0
Chanel #50
Citizens of the True World0
Crystal Always Knows0
Dallas, Airports, Body Bags0
Dallas, Airports, Bodybags0
Dream Is Gone0
Dreamers of the Dream0
Elbow Deep0
Electric Light1
Fearless (Reprise)0
Firefly [*]0
Gary's Song1
Goodbye Reprise #541
Gratitude Walks1
Heaven of Your Hands0
Heavenly Smile1
Hello Amsterdam0
Here They Roll Down0
Highway 50
Hold on to Your Love1
Hollywood 4-5-920
Hotel Bar0
How Many Six Packs Does It Take to Screw in a Light0
I Broke My Promise0
I'll Be Gone0
I've Been a Mess2
If I Had a Hammer1
In the Shadow of the Valley0
It's Your Birthday0
Jesus' Hands0
Job To Do0
Johnny Mathis' Feet0
Keep Me Around0
Ladies and Gentlemen0
Last Harbor0
Last Harbor [*]0
Laughing Stock0
Laughing Stock [*]0
Love Connection NYC0
Love Doesn't Belong0
Love Is0
Memo from Aquatic Park0
Miracle On 8th Street2
Mom's TV1
Montovani The Mind Reader0
Mr. Lucky1
Myopic Books1
Never Mind0
Now You're Defeated1
Only Love Can Set You Free0
Outside This Bar1
Over and Done0
Over and Done [Album Version]0
Pale Skinny Girl1
Patriot's Heart0
Point of Desire1
Room Above the Club1
Royal Café2
Royal Cafe0
Sick of Food3
Song of the rats leaving the sinking ship0
Tell Yourself1
The Confidential Agent2
The Dead Part Of You3
The Decibels and the Little Pills0
The Devil Needs You0
The Hopes and Dreams of Heaven's 10,000 Whores0
The Horseshoe Wreath in Bloom0
The Hula Maiden0
The President's Test for Physical Fitness0
The Revolving Door0
The Right Thing0
The Thorn in My Side Is Gone0
The Thorn in My Side Is Gone [Alternate Version]0
This Year1
United Kingdom0
Western Sky0
Western Sky [*]0
What Godzilla Said to God When His Name Wasn't Found in the Book of Life0
What Holds the World Together0
What The Pillar Of Salt Held Up0
When Your Love is Gone1
Why Won't You Stay0
Why Won't You Stay?0
Will You Find Me?0
Wish the World Away0
Yvonne Gets Dumped1
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