Sage Francis

Paul "Sage Francis" Landry (born April 16, 1976 in Miami, Florida) is a hip-hop artist based in Providence, Rhode Island. Sage Francis' style blends a varying tone and delivery with subject matter that focuses on intricate ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
16 Years0
Agony in Her Body20
All Word No Play1
Andy Kaughman2
Best of Times4
Black Out On White Night7
Black Sweatshirt3
Broccoli Break0
Broken Wings16
Bucket Of Silence1
Cafe Girl3
Call Me Francois1
Can I Kick It?3
Civil Obedience4
Clickety Clack4
Climb Trees2
Come Come Now1
Conspiracy To Riot2
Crack Pipes15
Cup Of Regret0
Cup Of Tea1
Dance Monkey7
Days Grow Old0
Dead Man's Float0
Diamonds And Pearls3
Embarrassed (ft. Slug & Eyedea)0
Escape Artist6
Eviction Notice6
Eye of The Tiger0
Garden Gnomes1
Going Back To Rehab22
Good Fashion3
Got Up This Morning6
Ground Control1
Gunz Yo11
Hang Time (Bang Bang Boogie)1
Haunted House Party1
Hell of a Year5
Hey Bobby3
High Step0
Hoofprints In The Sand1
House of Bees1
I Apologize (ft. Sole)1
I Keep Calling0
I Keep Calling (Emala)0
I Trusted You0
I Was Zero2
Inherited Scars18
Inner Conflict0
Jah Didn't Kill Johnny0
Jah Didn't Kill Johnny (Cash)4
Jesus In A Bowl Of Germs0
Keep Moving8
Kiddie Litter0
Killing Time2
Lie Detector Test4
Life Is What Distracts You From Death0
Little Houdini1
London Bridge0
Love the Lie0
Majority Rule0
Make 'Em Purr0
Makeshift Patriot23
Mermaids are Seasluts1
Message Sent5
Midgets and Giants1
Mourning Aftermath1
My Name Is Strange1
New Word Order0
Next Testament2
Not What I Am0
Oliver Twisted0
Pen to the Gun Fight0
Personal Journalist3
Pitchers Of Silence1
Product Placement2
Sea Lion19
Sea Lion (Saul Williams' Verse)0
Slow Down Gandhi27
Slow Man0
Smoke And Mirrors6
Stuck (ft. Slug)0
Sun Vs. Moon6
The Baby Stays0
The Best of Times3
The Buzz Kill2
The Cure0
The Emperor's New Clothing1
The Strange Famous Mullet Remover0
The Time Of My Life0
The Write1
Three Sheets to the Wind1
Tolerance Level1
Tree Of Knowledge2
Underground For Dummies2
Vital Signs0
Vonnegut Busy0
Weak Link1
Who's Crying0
Whore Monger Sing-Along0
Worry Not0
Xaul Zan's Heart1
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