Song Name   Comments
4002 at Carleton U0
A Nightmare and an Awakening0
A Song for a Cow Who Got Killed in Toronto on August 28th, 20170
A Trillion Kisses for You0
Abolish Carnism for the Holidays and Every Other Day0
Abolish the Death Penalty0
Abolish the Death Penalty - RIP Troy Davis0
Alien Delivers a Message About Veganism0
All You've Ever Known0
Am I Inside a Computer Generated Simulation?0
Animal Farmers Should Be Called Animal Harmers0
Animal Liberation!0
Animal Testers Can Kiss My Sexy Vegan Ass0
Animals Are Innocent (Don't Be Speciesist)0
Animals Are Innocent (Don't Be Speciesist) - Blues Rock Version0
Animals Have Better Things to Do Than Become Our Shit0
Appreciate [2002 version]0
Are Pro-life/Anti-abortion People Being Hypocrites if They Eat Meat?0
Are You a Tough Guy?0
Arugula Rocks!0
As Long as You're Not Hurting Anyone, Have Fun!0
Ask What You Can Do for the Animals0
Asking Someone Out on a Date0
Asking Someone Out on a Date (The Electric Bogeymen Remix)0
Be a Farmer, Not a Harmer0
Be a Vegan Rock Star0
Be a Vegetarian0
Be Cool as a Cucumber0
Be Open-Minded [featuring Diane Gandee Sorbi and Dan Sorbi]0
Be Straight Edge0
Beaver Anal Liquid0
Become a Registered Organ Donor0
Bee Vomit0
Best Dancer Ever1
Big Balls0
Birthday Song for Gay Vegan Men0
Birthday Song for Straight Vegan Men0
Birthday Song for Straight Vegan Women0
Birthday Song for Vegan Lesbians0
Bitchin' Vegan Kitchen0
Black Lives Matter0
Breathing Is My Favourite Thing to Do0
Breeders Suck. Adopt, Don't Shop0
Brush and Floss Your Teeth0
Burning in Hell0
Butt Out for the Animals0
Can You Handle This Sexiness?0
Can You Imagine Living in a Factory Farm?0
Can You Imagine What My Vegan Body Could Do to You?0
Carnist Cock0
Carnist Roommate0
Carnists Stop Having Kids0
Changing Gears [featuring Aaron Gray]0
Check Out My Ass0
Cheer Up, Vilma0
Chew Chew Chew Yum Yum Yum0
Chicken Pussy Droppings0
Children Can Help Save the World!0
Cholesterol Is Called "the Animals' Revenge"0
Clap for Compassion!0
Compassion for All0
Compassion Is Hot0
Compassion Is the Fashion0
Compassion Is What Makes People Beautiful0
Cruelty Fuckin' Stinks0
Cruelty to Animals Is Cold0
Dalai Lama Go Vegan!0
Dates Are Sweet and So Are You0
Dead End Life [featuring Aaron Gray and Jeremy Senier]0
Death Warmed Up0
Denied Entry into the U.S.A.0
Diane Is Vegan as Fuck0
Diane's a Vegan Badass0
Dismembered Corpses0
Disobey Carnist Propaganda0
Divorce Your Carnist Husband0
Divorce Your Carnist Husband [2016 version]0
Do Not Be a Hater, Be a Lover0
Do What We Gotta Do0
Doing the Right Thing Makes My Heart Sing0
Don't Beat or Eat Anybody0
Don't Call Me Names0
Don't Insult1
Don't Insult [2016 version]1
Eat Vegan0
Egg Laying Hen0
Ellen Is a Vegan Superhero0
Everybody Loves Vegan Pizza0
Evolution of the Heart0
Feed Your Own Fucking Family0
Fiber Rules! Go Vegan!0
Food, Water, Shelter Should Be Free for All0
Free the Nipple0
Free Will Is an Illusion0
Fruits and Veggies Rawk0
Fuck Capitalism0
Fuck No!0
Fuck This Place0
Get Your Broc On0
Giddy Up and Go Vegan!0
Gimme Some Lovin' Vegan Man0
Go Fuck Yourself0
Go Fuckin' Vegan!0
Go to Sleep Little Vegan0
Go Vegan Muthafucka0
Go Vegan Muthafucka!0
Go Vegan or Die0
Go Vegan Ya Fuckin' Prick!0
Go Vegan, Baby (and I Don't Mean Maybe)0
Go Vegan/Wipe Out0
Got No Time to Work at Pointless Jobs0
Gotta Go Vegan0
Happy Birthday Vegan Superhero0
Happy Birthday Vegan!0
Happy Holidays Nancy!0
Happy International Women's Day0
Happy Vegan Holidays!0
Happy Veganversary!0
Having Lots of Fun0
Higher Than the Fuckin' Sky0
Holocaust Shed1
Holy Fuck! The Future Is Vegan!0
Homework Needs to Be Banned0
Hot Stuff0
Hotness Scale0
Housekeeping - A Day in the Life of a Hotel Room Attendant0
Houselessness Is Not a Crime0
How Do You Know if Someone's Vegan?0
How Would You Feel if Someone Ate Your Baby0
How Would You Like That?0
How'd the Corpse Taste, Brah?0
I Am Always DTF0
I Appreciate You0
I Can Make Anybody Want to Go Vegan0
I Do Not Stand for Nationalism0
I Enjoy Giving More Than Receiving0
I Fucking Love B120
I Got a Vasectomy0
I Got the Rhythm in Me0
I Like Being Sexy0
I Like to Lick0
I Love the Vegan Women on Facebook0
I Love Vegan Soup0
I Love Veganism0
I Love Vegetables0
I Love You0
I Make Love with My Best Friend0
I Only Fuck Vegans0
I Only Sodomize Vegans0
I Pedal My Vegan Ass0
I Refuse to Buy Land and Reward Genocide0
I Shat My Pants - True Story0
I Stand with Standing Rock - No Dakota Access Pipeline0
I Wanna Be a Robot0
I Wanna Die with My Dick in My Hands0
I Wanna Go to Sleep0
I Wanna Lick Your Face0
I Wanna Make You Cum2
I Want to Give Louise a Squeeze0
I Want You Inside of Me0
I Wish You Could Roam Where You Please0
I Won't Suck Corporate Cock0
I Wonder if You Only Exist in My Brain0
I Wonder if You Only Exist in My Brain - Dr. Skrillard Remix0
I Would Do Anything to Get You to Go Vegan0
I Would Drink Your Bath Water0
I'd Like a Vegan Woman0
I'd Rather Suck a Vegan Cock Than Lick a Carnist Pussy0
I'd Rather Suck a Vegan Cock Than Lick a Carnist Pussy [2016 version]0
I'd Rather Swallow Cum from a Zombie's Dick0
I'm a Fur Hag0
I'm Alive0
I'm Being Sexy0
I'm Done with Sex0
I'm Feeling Ticklish0
I'm Just Watching a Movie0
I'm That Vegan Your Mother Warned You About0
If a Meat Ad Comes on the Radio, I Turn the Station0
If I Had a Nickel for Every Person...0
If Only0
If You Love Jesus, Then You Love Veganism0
If You Wanna Take a Bath with Me, You Gotta Go Vegan0
If You Want to Be a Farmer, E-I-E-I-O0
Ignorance Is Not Bliss - Everybody Seek the Truth0
Impaired Driving0
In Memory of Those No One Loved0
In Memory of Those No One Loved [2014 version]0
Insects Are Awesome0
Invisible Sky Daddy0
It's a Win All Around0
It's Been a Long Time Since I Got Laid0
It's Nice to Be Important, but It's More Important to Be Nice0
It's Not Food, It's Violence0
Jag Är Vegan för Djuren0
Jason Goes Vegan!0
Jen Wants Her Family to Be Vegan0
Jerking Off John0
Jesse Is Vegan for the Animals0
Jesus Is Vegan!0
Jill and Jack0
John Sakars Asks a Woman Out on a Date ;-)1
John Sakars Donates His Sexy Vegan Blood0
Just Point0
Kill Them with Kindness0
Kiss My Sexy Vegan Ass0
Kitties Can't Wear Condoms0
Learn the Truth0
Leave a Muthafuckin' Tip for the Room Attendant0
Leave the Animals Alone0
Leave the Animals the Fuck Alone0
Leave the Dandelions Alone0
Let Me Know What You Like Best0
Let Me Out of This Cage0
Let Me Out of This Cage!0
Let's All Be Kind to Each Other0
Let's All Go Straight Edge0
Let's Demand the Impossible0
Let's Eradicate Poverty, Embrace Equality0
Let's Get Rid of Guns0
Let's Live Meaningful Lives, Doing Things We Like to Do0
Let's Make a New World0
Lick the Plate0
Love Is Fuckin' Awesome0
Love of Money Is the Root of a Lot of Evil0
Male Pattern Baldness0
Mama, I'm a Vegan!0
March for the End of Speciesism0
Masturbation Is Not a Sin1
Meat Is Murder0
Most People0
Murdered Animals Falling Out of Your Asshole0
My Brain Is My Sexiest Body Part0
My Carrot Scarf0
My Crotch Is Open for Business (If You're Vegan)0
My Favourite Vegan Dessert Is You0
My Happy Place0
My Heart Goes Boom, My Brain Goes Think0
My Journey Forged in Fruit0
My Perception of You0
My Vegan Hat0
No Kissy Kissy0
No More Body Shaming0
No More Hypocrites0
No Sex for Meat Eaters0
No Unsolicited Dick Pics0
Nobody Can Not Look at a Naked Vegan0
Not All Canadians Are Assholes0
Nothing Can Stop Veganism!0
Nursery Rhymes Vegan Style0
Open Up Ya Choppas0
Palm Oil = Dead Orangutans0
PBlizzard the Rooster0
Planet Vegan0
Plants in My Pants0
Protest Gun Violence in the Schools0
Pull My Pants Down0
Pussies Are Awesome0
Rae Is a Ray of Sunshine0
Real Cowboys Are Kind to Animals0
Rudolph the Rescued Reindeer0
Say No to Glue Traps0
Separateness Is an Illusion0
Sexy Vegan Baby0
Sexy Vegan in the Muthafuckin' House0
Sexy Vegan Woman0
Sexy Vegan Woman, I Wanna Be Close to You0
Shake That Sexy Vegan Ass!0
She Would Not Stop Sucking My Dick0
Six Days a Week0
Skin Cells1
Skin Cells Inside Mouth and Vagina Same0
Somebody's Gonna Go Vegan Tonight0
Somebody's Gonna Go Vegan Tonight [2016 version]0
Sometimes I Say Words0
Speak Peacefully [featuring Diane Gandee Sorbi and Dan Sorbi]0
Spread the Vegan Word0
TamARA (Animal Rights Activist) Rocks!0
Television Sucks0
Telling It Like It Is0
Thanks for Being Vegan, Bulut!0
Thanks for Promoting Veganism!0
The Animals Don't Want to Become Your Farts0
The Confederate Flag Is Racist0
The Cup Song - Vegan Version0
The Future Is Vegan!0
The Gender Binary Scares the Hell Out of Me0
The Happy Vegan Song!0
The Life of a Battery Hen0
The Little Things Aren't Little Things0
The Revolution Happens Now!0
The Sexiest Drink in the World0
The Sound of a Vegan's Heart Beating0
The Vegan Twist0
The Vegans Are Multiplying0
There's No Such Thing as a Real Woman or Man0
There's No Such Thing as Humane Meat0
Things Are Constantly Changing0
Thinking About My Mortality0
This Is What I Think of Animal Cruelty0
Thoughts and Prayers0
Tiki Torch Taliban0
Tiki Torch Taliban (White Supremacist Rally in Virginia)0
Tin Foil Hat Dance Party!0
To Get Blood Off Your Hands, Go Vegan!0
Today Is My Last Day0
Tofu Makes Me Extra Firm0
Trip Inside My Brain0
U.S. Vegan National Anthem0
Undercover Investigators Rock! The Vegan Community Loves You!0
Use Your Brain0
V Is for Vegan0
VAF, Thanks to My Good Luck0
Vegan as Fuck0
Vegan as Fuck - Bluesy Version0
Vegan as Fuck - Dance Remix0
Vegan as Fuck [2013 version]0
Vegan Badass0
Vegan Body Art0
Vegan Dance Party0
Vegan Food Is Going into My Belly0
Vegan Goddess0
Vegan Hair Care0
Vegan Kitchen Rap0
Vegan Love Machine0
Vegan Men Are Dickly0
Vegan O Canada0
Vegan Outreach0
Vegan Paradise0
Vegan Picnic0
Vegan Pizza0
Vegan Power Walking!0
Vegan Rockers0
Vegan Sex Bombs Go BOOM! BOOM!0
Vegan Skin Hunger (I Want to Touch You)0
Vegan Straight Edge Party!0
Vegan Superhero I Love You0
Vegan Superhero Signs0
Vegan Tongue0
Vegan Vagina Juice - VVJ0
Vegan Vagina Juice Vegan Penis Juice0
Vegan Vagina Licker0
Veganism Is Easy0
Veganism Is Gay0
Veganism Is Here to Stay0
Veganism Is Yummy0
Veganism, Fuck Yeah!0
Veganize It!0
Vegans Are (Very) Hot0
Vegans Are Multiplying0
Vegans Can Fly!0
Vegans Fuck All Night Long0
Vegans Kick Ass0
Vegans on Parade!0
Vegans Unite [featuring Vegan Smythe]0
Voulez-Vous Coucher avec Moi Ce Soir (Sexy Vegan)0
Wanna Cuddle with You0
Water Is the Best Drink0
We All Make Mistakes0
We Eat Plants and Then We Dance0
We Will Never Give Up0
We're All Fucking Weirdos0
Welcome to the Vegan Community!0
What Do Vegans Eat?0
What Goes into Your Mouth?0
What Is a Vegan?0
What the Fuck?!0
What Will Be the Last Door I'll Ever Open0
When You Eat Animals You're Being a Fucking Asshole0
When You Eat Animals You're Being a Fucking Asshole [2017 version]0
Where the Fuck Is the Emergency Phone?0
Who Wants to Get Tickled?0
Why You Do the Animals Wrong?0
Women Don't Have to Shave Their Legs0
You Ain't Never Been Fucked 'Til You've Been Fucked by a Vegan0
You Can Do Anything!1
You Can't Make Fun of Veganism0
You Can't Touch My Body0
You Own My Vegan Dick0
You Own My Vegan Dick (Bathtub Version)0
You Wouldn't Like It if Someone Ate You0
You're a Work of Art0
You're Not a Shark0
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