Song Name   Comments
America [Instrumental]0
Can a Cherry Pie Wave Goodbye? [Instrumental]0
Caroling, Caroling [Instrumental]0
Channukah, Oh Channukah [Instrumental]0
Choose an Instrument [Instrumental]0
Choose an Instrument [Instrumental] [Instrumental]0
Cinco De Mayo [Instrumental]0
Clickity Clack [Instrumental]0
Down by the Bay [Instrumental]0
Easter Time is Here Again [Instrumental]0
Feliz Navidad/Merry Christmas [Instrumental]0
Five Pennies Make a Nickel [Instrumental]0
God Bless America [Instrumental]0
Good Morning, Merry Sunshine [Instrumental]0
Good-Bye, So Long, Farewell, Toodle-Oo [Instrumental]0
Grandmother's Farm [Instrumental]0
Hanukkah [Instrumental]0
Have a Good Time On Halloween Night [Instrumental]0
Jingle Bells/Jingle Song [Instrumental]0
Merry Christmas Santa [Instrumental]0
My Country 'Tis of Thee [Instrumental]0
My Ramblin' Cat [Instrumental]0
Pocket Full of B's [Instrumental]0
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer [Instrumental]0
Star Spangled Banner [Instrumental]0
Tall Tremendous Tens and Wee Wonderful Ones [Instrumental]0
Ten Monkeys in a Tree [Instrumental]0
The Angel Band [Instrumental]0
The Baby's Carol [Instrumental]0
The Merry Hula [Instrumental]0
The One That Doesn't Rhyme [Instrumental]0
They Go Together [Instrumental]0
Things I'm Thankful For [Instrumental]0
This Land Is Your Land [Instrumental]0
Two Little Sounds [Instrumental]0
Valentines Song [Instrumental]0
We Wish You a Merry Christmas [Instrumental]0
What a World We'd Have If Christmas Lasted All Year Long [Instrumental]0
What a World We'd Have [Instrumental]0
Wiggy Wiggles Freeze Dance [Instrumental]0
Zipidee Doo Da [Instrumental]0
Zuni Sunrise Song [Instrumental]0
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