Song Name   Comments
(Old) San Antonio Rose [Instrumental]0
A Maiden's Prayer0
A Maiden's Prayer [#]0
Along the Navajo Trail0
B. Bowman Hop [Instrumental]0
Basin Street Blues0
Beaumont Rag [Instrumental]0
Betty's Waltz [Instrumental]0
Big Beaver0
Big Beaver [Instrumental]0
Big Taters in the Sandy Land [Instrumental]0
Billy in the Low Ground [Instrumental]0
Billy's Bounce [Instrumental]0
Blues in A [Instrumental]0
Bob Willis Special [Instrumental]0
Bob Wills Boogie [Instrumental]0
Bob Wills Schottische [Instrumental]0
Bob Wills' Special [Instrumental]0
Bob Wills' Square Dance, No. 1 [Instrumental]0
Bob Wills' Square Dance, No. 2 [Instrumental]0
Bob Wills' Square Dance, No. 3 [Instrumental]0
Bob Wills' Square Dance, No. 4 [Instrumental]0
Bob's Breakdown [Instrumental]0
Bob's First Fiddle Tune [Instrumental]0
Bob's Schottische [Instrumental]0
Boot Heel Drag [Instrumental]0
Brain Cloudy Blues0
Brown Skin Gal [Instrumental]0
Canadian Sunset [Instrumental]0
Carolina in the Morning [Instrumental]0
Cimarron [Instrumental]0
Comanche Hit and Run [Instrumental]0
Coquette [Instrumental]0
Corrine Corrina0
Corrine, Corrina0
Crippled Turkey [Instrumental]0
Dian Waltz [Instrumental]0
Dinah [#]0
Don't Let the Deal Go Down [Instrumental]0
Done Gone [Instrumental]0
Eight'r from Decatur [Instrumental]0
Faded Love0
Faded Love [Instrumental]0
Fat Boy Rag [Instrumental]0
Fiddle Bird [Instrumental]0
Fiddlin' Man [Instrumental]0
Gone Indian [Instrumental]0
Hawaiian War Chant0
Here's That Man Again [Instrumental]0
Hoopaw Rag [Instrumental]0
Hop, Skip and Jump Over Texas [Instrumental]0
I'm a Ding Dong Daddy0
I'm a Ding Dong Daddy (From Dumas)0
It's a Good Day0
La Golondrina [Instrumental]0
Limehouse Blues [Instrumental]0
Lone Star Rag [Instrumental]0
Maiden's Prayer0
Maiden's Prayer [Instrumental]0
Mayflower Waltz [Instrumental]0
Medley of Fiddle Tunes [Instrumental]0
Midnight in Old Amarillo [Instrumental]0
New Roadside Rag [Instrumental]0
Oh You Beautiful Doll0
Oh, Lady Be Good0
Panhandle Rag [Instrumental]0
Papa's Jumpin' [Instrumental]0
Playboy Chimes [Instrumental]0
Put Your Arms Around Me0
Put Your Little Foot [Instrumental]0
Riders in the Sky [Instrumental]0
Roll Your Own [Instrumental]0
Roly Poly0
Sally Goodin [Instrumental]0
Sally Goodin' [Instrumental]0
San Antonio Rose0
San Antonio Rose [Instrumental]0
Shame on You [Instrumental]0
Silver Bell [Instrumental]0
Silver Bells (That Ring in the Night) [Instrumental]0
Silver Lake Blues [Instrumental]0
Song of the Wanderer (Where Shall I Go?) [Instrumental]0
Sooner or Later (You'll Fall)0
South [Instrumental]0
Southwestern Waltz [Instrumental]0
Spanish Two Step [Instrumental]0
St. Louis Blues0
St. Louis Blues, Pt. 10
St. Louis Blues, Pt. 20
Steel Guitar Rag [Instrumental]0
Straighten Up and Fly Right0
Texas Drummer Boy [Instrumental]1
Texas Fiddler [Instrumental]0
Texas Two Step [Instrumental]0
The Jobob Rag [Instrumental]0
Twin Guitar Special [Instrumental]0
Twinkle Star [Instrumental]0
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star [Instrumental]0
Wills Breakdown [Instrumental]0
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