Song Name   Comments
88 Lines About 44 Simpsons0
A Man Named Jayne0
Aliens Just Don't Understand0
All I Wanna Do Is Shoot Some Guns0
Baby Got Brak0
Back One Week To The Future0
Bad Bad Boba Fett0
Bart Simp Sun0
Battlestar Rhapsody0
Because I'm Jedi0
Bender Roboto0
Black Friday0
Born To Lose0
Bring The Joy0
C'mon Ride The Bus0
Christmas In Hogwarts0
Cruis'n USA0
Dementia Revolution0
Fantastic Voyager0
Frat Boys0
Frat Boys [A Song by Sudden DeAth]0
Fruit Loops0
Funny Man0
Geeks of the Industry0
Gettin' Giggity Wit It0
God Bless Stephen Colbert0
Gory Gory Hallelujah0
Gowron Said Knock You Out0
House Party At Arkham Asylum0
Humpa Hound0
I Am A Vamp Of Constant Sorrow0
I Kissed A Squirrel0
In The Line Again0
Insane and the Brain0
It Takes Who0
Jello Shots0
Jon Archer0
Keanu Man0
Kenny Was A Kid From South Park0
KFC Bitch0
MC Freberg0
Murder Was The Play0
My Baby's in Love with Jon Bermuda0
My Name Is Fred0
Mystery Science Theatre Picture Show0
No Sleep Til Babylon0
Peter Parker0
Quite A Man For An Al Fan0
Ranma Saotome0
Rocky Horror0
Snoopy The Dogg0
Spam (Let The Pork Be Pork)0
Spock Star0
Star Wars Trilogy Homesick Blues0
Stealing Like a Hobbit0
Thank Q0
The Doctor and William0
The Geeks Come Out At Night0
The Great Luke Ski0
The Spongy Dance0
Theme From Ash0
Titanic Monday0
Too Much Stuff0
Trekkie Case0
Use The Force0
Vader Boy0
Viva Las Nagus0
Wannabe A Slayer0
What's Up Spock?0
Who Let The Frog Out?0
Wilbur Robinson0
You Don't Know Jack0
You Might Be A Trekkie0
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