Song Name   Comments
... I Came Down Here2
A Burial at Sea1
A Net to Lift the Room0
A Ten Guardian-Spirits Motherfucker0
Abduction Dream0
All Animals in the Form of Water0
An Isolated Place For Target Practice0
As We Listened To The Lions Walking0
Away, My Ghosts0
Carved Heart0
Cat's Cradles1
Cauled Ones and Birth Rugs0
Chthonian Odyssey/Hell's Foundations/A Birth Mark Like a Scar 2
Cloud Scroll0
Comets Fall, Comets Slide1
Cut Joint Sinews & Divided Reincarnation3
Dance of the Moon and the Sun0
Dreaming Place0
Emergency Network Farewell Broadcast0
Eu un Miroir, Obscurement1
Fallen Lords Were Riding Half Horses2
Falls Into the Other World0
Felt Presence, Ghostly Humming0
For Fear They May Come Back/Childrens of the Seventh Circle/The Dark Road 2
From Their Body at Will0
Gary Webb0
Grey Skies0
Guns & Rifles0
Interstate Roads1
Inuk's Song0
John Carpenter0
Kill to Please0
Lie There0
Lucifer Morning Star0
Mary Brown0
Memories Found in a Bill From a Small Animal Vet2
Milky Way Skirt1
Moon Paddler0
Moscow Signal0
My Bones Are Yours0
Nuclear Winter (Dispatches)0
Os Deus Cannibais0
Our Man From Centauri0
Phantom Twin0
Porridge Stick Into the Fire & Dust in the Direction of the Sun1
Rain Serenade0
Remains in the Ditch of the Dead0
Salty Tongue1
Search For Me0
Solar Flares0
Stuttering Probe0
Sun Tower1
Sunlit Stones0
The Accidental Remote Viewer0
The Cover-Up1
The Crystal Bird1
The Cursed Bell2
The Desolated/Vampires Introduced to Fear/Slayer March2
The Faceless1
The Fall of Shadow Kingdom0
The Psychic Circle/Uchronia0
The Storm of Resurrection1
Their Satellites0
These Stories About After the Revolution1
Tlaloc Black Transformer0
Tunneling Into the Structure Until It Falls1
We Don't Want You There Anymore0
Whose Eyes are Flowers1
Willy Brown1
Witches All Around0
With a Stolen Red Lipstick Bible on Her Side3
You're Not Even Back0
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