Johnny Foreigner

Johnny Foreigner is a guitar band from the second city. Since the release of their 3rd album Vs Everything (9/10 NME, 8/10 DiS), they have added an extra guitarist (long term artist Lewes Herriot), toured Japan, America, and ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
(Don't) Show Us Your Fangs0
3 Hearts0
A Kings Heath Story0
Absolute Balance3
Alternate Timelines Piling Up1
Camp Kelly Calm1
Champagne Girls I Have Known1
Choose Yr Side and Shut Up!1
Cranes and Cranes and Cranes and Cranes1
Custom Scenes and the Parties That Make Them1
Dark Harbourzz1
DJs Get Doubts5
Doesn't Believe In Angels1
Electricity vs the Dead0
Elegy For Post Teenage Living Parts 1 and 21
Every Cloakroom Ever3
Eyes Wide Terrified5
Feels Like Summer2
For the Chains0
Ghost The Festivals3
Harriet, By Proxy0
He Awoke On a Beach In Aberystwyth0
Henning's Favourite1
Hulk Hoegarden, Gin Kinsella, David Duvodkany, Etc1
I Heard, He Ties Up Cats0
I'llchoosemysideandshutup, Alright0
If I'm the Most Famous Boy You've Ever Fucked0
In Capitals0
Jess, You Got Yr Song, So Leave1
Johnny Foreigner vs You (Cursed version)0
Killing in the Name0
Kingston Called, They Want Their Lost Youth Back1
Le Schwing1
Le Sigh0
Lea Room1
Less, We Remember0
Maybe Daniel's All the Push I Need0
More Heart, Less Tongue1
More Tongue, Less Heart0
New Street, You Can Take It0
O When Will This Honeymoon End?0
Ohai, Sentinels2
Our Bipolar Friends2
Palace Fires 1
Ps, Not Soon Enough0
Riff Glitchard0
Riff Glitchard (cursed version)2
Robert Scargill Takes the Prize0
Salt, Peppa and Spinderella 15
Santa Fucking Claus0
Security to the promenade0
Sometimes, in the Bullring2
Stop Talking About Ghosts0
Suicide Pact, Yeah?3
The Coast Was Always Clear1
The End and Eveything After1
The Hand That Slaps You Back0
The Hidden Song At The End Of The Record1
The Houseparty Scene Is Killing You0
The Last Queens of Scotland0
The Swell/Like Neverwhere0
The Wind and the Weathervanes0
Things I Would Have Swapped For Heart Shaped Sunglasses, 2001-060
Things We Should Have Left on the Beach0
This Band is Killing Us1
To the Deaf0
To the Death0
Tru Punx0
Twin Sisterzz0
What Burlesque Won't Stand0
What Drummers Get0
Who Needs Comment Boxes When You've Got Knives0
WiFi Beach0
With Who, Who and What I've Got2
With Who, Who and What I've Got (Standard Rock)0
Wow, Just Wow0
Yes! You Talk Too Fast 1
You Vs Everything0
Yr All Just Jealous0
Yr Loved0
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