Song Name   Comments
(Just Like) Romeo and Juliet0
(She's A) Runaround0
Beautiful Friend0
Beautiful Friend [*]0
Billy's Third0
Bittersweet [*]0
Boy Wonder0
Boys Will Be Boys0
Bye Bye Baby Blue0
Chain of Love0
Crisis of Mine0
Crisis of Mine [*][Version]0
Emergency Cases0
Emergency Cases [*]0
Fairly in the Money Now0
Fairly in the Money Now [*]0
Family Entertainment0
Forever Paradise0
Get Over You1
Girls Don't Like It0
Girls That Don't Talk0
Girls That Don't Talk [Live]0
Got to Have You Back0
Hannah Doot0
Hard Luck1
Hard Luck (Again)0
Hard Luck (Again) [*]0
Hard Luck (Again) [Alternate Take][*]0
Here Comes the Summer0
Here Comes the Summer [Original Version]0
His Good Looking Girlfriend0
I Can Only Dream [*]0
I Don't Know0
I Don't Wanna See (You Again)0
I Don't Wanna See (You Again) [*]0
I Don't Wanna See You Again0
I Gotta Getta0
I Know a Girl0
I Told You So0
I Told You So [*]0
It's Going to Happen0
Jimmy Jimmy0
Julie Ocean0
Jump Boys0
Kiss in the Dark0
Kiss in the Dark [*]0
Life's Too Easy0
Life's Too Easy [*]0
Life's Too Easy [Alternate Version][*]0
Like That0
Like That (Song No One)0
Like That [*]0
Listening In0
Love Before Romance0
Love Parade0
Luxury [Live]0
Male Model0
Mars Bar0
Mars Bars0
Mars Bars [*]0
More Songs About Chocolate and Girls0
My Perfect Cousin0
My Perfect Cousin [Multimedia][*]0
Nine Times Out of Ten0
One Way Love0
One Way Love [*]0
Really Really0
Really Really [*]0
Save Me0
See That Girl0
She Can Only Say No0
She Can Only Say No [*]0
Sigh and Explode0
Sin of Pride0
Smarter Than U0
Smarter Than U [*]0
Smarter Than You1
Smarter Than You [*]0
Soul Seven0
Teenage Kicks2
The Love Parade0
The Sin of Pride0
The Sin of Pride [Live]0
The Way Girls Talk0
There Goes Norman0
Told You So [*]0
Top Twenty0
Top Twenty [*]0
True Confessions0
True Confessions [*]0
Turning Blue0
Turning Blue [*]0
Under the Boardwalk0
Untouchable [Live]0
Valentine's Treatment0
Wednesday Week0
What's With Terry0
What's with Terry?0
What's With Terry? [Live]0
When Saturday Comes0
When Saturday Comes [Eden Studio Session for John Peel]0
Whizz Kids0
Window Shopping for New Clothes0
Window Shopping for New Clothes [*]0
Wrong Way0
You Stand So Close0
You Stand So Close [*]0
You're Welcome0
You're Welcome [Eden Studio Session for John Peel]0
You're Welcome [Live][*]0
You've Got My Number (Why Don't You Use It?)0
You've Got My Number (Why Don't You Use It?) [*]0
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