Song Name   Comments
(I'm Gonna) Convert You or Kill Ya0
1913 Massacre pt. II0
60 Years0
A Canary in the Mines0
A Long Long Time Ago0
A Soldier's Lullaby0
Across The Border0
Always Out Of Sight0
Alyssa's Lament0
Andrew Beard0
Another Christmas In Iraq0
Another Man0
Atticus Finch0
Autumn's Harvest0
Back In The Valley0
Baghdad Blues0
Baltimore Street0
Beautiful Berlin0
Belt Buckles0
Bended Knees0
Better Mind The Water0
Black Diamonds0
Blame it on the Death of Charles Kuralt0
Blind Willie Johnson0
Blueberry Wine0
Bob Hope0
Bob Tailed Check0
Brooklyn Girl0
Brother Ray0
Bruce Springsteen in Baghdad0
Bull Run0
But He Walked The Line0
Can You See Me0
Christmas In Kigali0
Christmas Without You0
Cinderella Man0
Cindy's Around0
Clarksdale Whistle Blues0
Closing Time0
Cold Harbor0
Coming Back To You0
Crayons and Paper0
Cut and Run0
Dave Brubeck0
Dear John0
Devil In My Shoes0
Dividing Line0
Do You Ever Wonder?0
Do You Know How Hard It Is?0
Don't Come Crying To Me0
Don't Piss Off A Lutheran0
Dressed To Impress0
Drinking with Nick Drake0
Drunk On Oil0
Dumb People0
Election Day0
Everything Gonna Be Alright0
Famine in the USA0
Favorite Son0
Feel Like Coming Home0
Festival Season0
Flying is Easy (It's the Landing that's Hard)0
Footprints in the Snow0
Footprints of the Fisherman0
Forgetting Sudan0
Fork in the Road0
Four More Years0
From Selma to Montgomery0
From What I Can See0
Get Over It0
Ghost Town0
Ghost Town (Centralia)0
Gimme a Drink0
Gino Merli0
God's Other Side0
Going Through The Motions0
Gonna Write A Song About Me0
Gonna Write The Last Song0
Goodbye Old Friend0
Gotta Get Away0
Government Man0
Gulag Blues0
Half Bottle Of Wine0
Hallelujah and Fallujah0
Halliburton Blues0
Hands in the Dark0
Hang 'em High0
Hanger Number One0
Harry Truman0
Have You Ever Known Anyone Like Teddy?0
Having My Picture Made0
Haymarket Square0
Hey, Guess What Happened Today?0
Hey, Whadda You Think?0
Highway 9 Revisited0
Holy War0
Houston Town0
How Do You Live With Yourself?0
Hurry Home Baby0
Hush Little Baby0
I Ain't Gonna Fight For You No More0
I Ain't So Sure Anymore0
I Ain't So Sure No More0
I Am A Houston Astros Fan0
I Don't Feel Like A Liberator0
I Don't Hate The President0
I Don't Owe You Nothing Anymore0
I Don't Think I Can Take It Anymore0
I Don't Want To Be Saddam's Half Brother Anymore0
I Feel Like An Orphan Train0
I Got A Bad Feeling 'bout Dylan0
I Just Wanna Got Home0
I Like To Lie0
I Need A Tax Cut (To Bring My Baby Home)0
I Think I'm Turning Into Abbie Hoffman0
I Thought It Was The Thunder (But It Was Really Just The Train)0
I Used To Be A Liberal (Until A Conservative Shot Me)0
I Wanna Edit The New York Times0
I Want A Job Like Garrison Keillor's0
I Want To Go To War0
I Was A Bootlegger0
I Wish I Could Sing Like Richard Manuel0
I Wsh I Was A Drunk Again0
I'll Tell You What He Did0
I'm A Soldier0
I'm Anti War0
I'm Coming Home0
I'm Gonna Fade Away0
I'm Gonna Stay0
I'm In Love With John Ashcroft0
I'm Missing You0
I'm So Glad Vernon Presley's Not My Dad0
I'm Still Here0
I'm Sure Ben Franklin Wanted It This Way0
I've Never Seen This Much Rain0
I've Seen War, Have You?0
Ian Wagner0
Idi Amin's House0
If I Could Talk Like David Brinkley0
If Jesus Had A Wife0
If Phil Ochs Was Still Alive0
If Woody Guthrie Went To Baghdad0
If You Pay Me Enough (I'll Write A Song About Bush)0
In My Next Life I'm Coming Back as an Economist0
In the Name of the Father0
Inauguration Day0
Invisible Sky0
Iraqi Town0
Iron City Brew0
It Has Not Been a Good Day0
It Must Be Cool to be British0
It Must Suck to be Colin Powell0
It Sucks to be 130
It Toby Keith is Such a Patriot (Why Won't He Send Me Money?)0
It's Almost Time for Curtain0
It's Called Genocide0
It's Only Money0
Jenny McLane0
Johnson's Station0
King Coal0
Lonesome Valley1
Marie's Song0
Miner Boy0
Moshing With David Crosby0
My Little Boy In The Mines0
Rescue Me0
Seems Like the Place to Be0
Song About a Train0
Steve Earle Blues0
The Anthracite Shuffle0
The Killing Land0
The Knox Mine Disaster 19590
The Newfie Wedding Song0
The Wilderness0
Two Coal Cars0
Was I You Yesterday?0
We'll Burn With the Anthracite0
We'll Sing Hallelujah1
When The Rains Came0
When You Pass Me By0
Where I'm At0
Why Do You Blame Me?0