Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers

A folk-inflected roots rock band formed by singer and songwriter Stephen Kellogg in 2003 in Northampton, MA (most of the members were students at the nearby University of Massachusetts at Amherst), Stephen Kellogg & the ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
4th of July1
4th Street Moon0
A (With Love)0
All Part of the Show0
Another Midas Story0
Anthem of Our Discovery0
Anthem of Our Discovery (Lucky Eleven version)0
As Good As its Been0
Big Easy0
Blue Jean0
Born in the Spring2
Bound for New York (Falling in Love on a Train)0
Cabin in the Woods0
Charlie and Annie0
Chasm and Cross0
Colorado Songs We've Sung0
Cradle of Family0
Dark Side of the King0
Dying Wish of a Teenager0
Fading In0
Father's Day2
Finding Grey (Lost)0
Flower in Rain0
Girlfriend as Pretty as You0
Guitar and Tambourine0
Heart's in Pain0
Howl at the Moon0
Hurt and Heart0
I Almost Missed You0
I Know Why0
If You Have to Go0
In Front of the World2
In My Season0
It's Only That I Miss You0
Keep Me in Your Thoughts0
Lady Sunflower0
Lonely in Columbus0
Long Days, Fast Years0
Lucky 11 (Nothing to Lose)0
May Day0
My Favorite Place0
My Old Man0
My Sweet Charade2
Nailed Inside His Blues1
Noelle, Noelle2
Oh Adeline0
Over Fortunate0
Pain Comes0
Pedal Steel2
Protected by Angels0
Rock in the Crossroads0
Roots and Wings0
Samuel Samantha0
Satisfied Man3
See You Later, See You Soon0
See You Later, See You Soon (Bullet Proof Heart version)0
See Yourself0
Shady Esperanto and the Young Hearts1
Something She Believes0
Song For Lovers0
Song for Sarah0
Southern State of Mind0
Start the Day Early2
Such A Way1
Such A Way (Lucky Eleven version)0
Sweet Sophia1
Sweetest Goodbye0
Take Me Into Town1
The America Song0
The Bear0
The Way She Is0
Uninspired Gambling0
Wagon Wheel1
Watch You Grow0
Watching Grace Collide0
We Belong Here0
When She Leaves0
When You're King0
Who Am I?0
Who We Are, Who We'll Become0
Why Are You Talking To Me?0
You Don't Look the Same When You're Leaving0
You Win0
You've Changed2
You've Changed (Bullet Proof Heart version)0
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