The Six Parts Seven

The Six Parts Seven was founded by brothers Allen (guitar) and Jay Karpinski (drums) in 1995. Based in Kent, OH, the band's indie rock appeal stems from the influences of Brian Eno and John Fahey. They issued Silence ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
(The Nature of) Any Real Moment0
A Blueprint of Something Never Finished (feat. David Bazan)1
A Blueprint of Something Never Finished (Instrumental Version)2
A Tribute to Old Style Romances0
Afternoon Bed0
Already Elsewhere0
As Easy As Sleep0
Awaiting Elemental Meltdowns0
Changing The Name Of October0
Cold Things Never Catch Fire0
Confusing Possibilities0
Conversation Heart0
Everything Wrong Is Right Again0
Falling Over Evening0
From California to Houston, on Lightspeed (feat. Isaac Brock)3
From California to Houston, on Lightspeed (Instrumental Version) 1
Fuck Everything (Talons cover)0
In A Late Style Of Fire0
Iowa Was Blacknight, Nebraska Sunrise0
Knock At My Door0
Last Dance for a Hundred Nobodies0
Night Behind The Stars0
Night Long0
Now Like Photographs0
Now Like Photographs (Re.invented by Brian Straw)0
On Marriage1
One Thing That Won't Matter0
Plus and Minus Things0
Saving Words for Making Sense0
Seems Like Most Everything Used To Be Something Else0
Silence Magnifies Sound0
Simplicity Is Almost Enough0
Sleeping Diagonally0
Sleeping Diagonally (Instrumental Version)1
Song of Impossible Things0
Spaces Between Days (Part 1)0
Spaces Between Days (Part 2)0
Spaces Between Days (Part 3)0
Spaces Between Days (Part 4)0
Stolen Moments0
The Attitudes of Collapse0
The Constant Variables0
The Day After The Day After Here0
The Order of the Goodtime0
The Quick Fire0
The Slowest Way Of Saying So Little0
The Want And The Waiting0
There Is No There0
This One or That One?0
What (Can We Just Make Out)0
What You Love You Must Love Now0
Where Are The Timpani Heartbeats?0
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