Song Name   Comments
Accidental Texas Who0
And I Don't (So Now I Do)0
And My Unit Moves0
Artificial Light0
Boxing About0
Caught Waves Again0
Chance to Buy an Island0
Come Here Beautiful0
Did It Play?0
Do Something Real0
Double Standards Inc.0
Double Standards, Inc.0
Enjoy Jerusalem!0
Far-Out Crops0
Flat Beauty0
Flings of the Waistcoat Crowd0
Frequent Weaver Who Burns0
Fresh Threats, Salad Shooters And Zip Guns0
Get Under It0
Girl Named Captain0
Good Luck Sailor0
I Drove a Tank0
I Get Rid of You0
I Killed a Man Who Looks Like You0
I've Owned You for Centuries0
In A Circle1
Island Crimes0
John Strange School0
Just Say the Word0
King Of Arthur Avenue0
Larger Massachusetts0
Life Is Beautiful0
Living Upside Down0
Living Upside-Down0
Maggie Turns to Flies0
Make Use0
Meet My Team0
Men Who Create Fright0
One Clear Minute0
Parakeet Troopers0
People Are Leaving0
Pick Seeds From My Skull0
Pill Gone Girl0
Pop Zeus1
Port Authority0
Prom Is Coming0
Psychic Pilot Clocks Out0
Punk Rock Gods0
Release the Sunbird0
Roofer's Union Fight Song0
Rumbling Joker0
Same Things0
Second Step Next Language0
Showbiz Opera Walrus0
Slick as Snails0
Snatch Candy0
Soft Smoke0
Something Strawberry0
Soul Train College Policeman0
Spider Eyes0
Steeple of Knives0
Strictly Comedy0
Submarine Teams0
Subspace Biographies0
Television Prison0
The Ash Gray Proclamation0
The Ash Grey Proclamation0
The Big Make-Over0
The Butler Stands For All Of Us0
The Killers1
The Original Heart0
Tight Globes0
Touch Me In The Right Place At The Right Time0
Town of Mirrors0
Vibrations in the Woods0
Waved Out0
Whiskey Ships0
White Gloves Come Off0
Wrinkled Ghost1
You Can't Hold Your Women0
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