Margot & the Nuclear So and So's

The dreamy, bittersweet music of Margot & the Nuclear So and So's is primarily the work of singer/songwriter Richard Edwards, who formed the indie rock collective in his native Indianapolis. Named after the Margot ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
A Children's Crusade On Acid17
A Journalist Falls in Love with Death Row Inmate #165
A Light On A Hill9
A Sea Chanty of Sorts12
A Tangle of Blonde0
A Tangle of Blonde (My Old Kentucky Blog Performance)0
Arvydas Sabonis1
As Beautiful As Ever2
As Tall As Cliffs13
As Tall As Cliffs (Demo version)2
At the Carnival0
Barfight Revolution, Power Violence8
Beatin' Off In Public0
Black Demon4
Bleary-Eye-D Blue1
Blue Collar, Red Letter0
Books About Trains2
Brand New Key (Melanie Safka cover)1
Broadripple Is Burning34
Cheap Motel Room5
Childhood Blues # 151
Claws Off2
Cold, Kind, And Lemon Eyes9
Coonskin Cap1
Crackin' Rib Bones0
Disease Tobacco Free0
Dress Me Like a Clown20
Drug Buddy0
Earth to Aliens: What Do You Want?3
Fisher of Men5
Flying Saucer Blues0
Frank Left0
Freak Flight Speed3
Front Porch Song0
German Motor Car4
Gettin' Fat0
Go to Sleep You Little Creep0
Heartbreaker (Early Demo of "Christ")0
Hello Vagina14
Hello, San Francisco3
Hip Hip Hooray9
Hip Hip Hooray (Album version)0
Holy Cow!3
Holy Cow! (Album version)0
I Am a Lightning Rod1
I Can't Sleep My Eyes Are Flat0
I Do3
I Don't0
I Git Even0
I Was Drunk0
I Won't Eat My Vegetables0
If Ya Wanna Go Out (I'll Go)0
Jen Is Bringin' the Drugs15
Jesus Christ Blues1
Jolene, We Almost Never Met6
Let's Paint Our Teeth Green2
Long Legged Blonde Memphis0
Los Angeles0
Lost At Sea0
Lost on 49th Street1
Love Song For A Schuba's Bartender8
Ludlow Junk Hustle3
Lunatic, Lunatic, Lunatic2
Mariel's Brazen Overture7
Mary Saws Off Her Fingertips0
Moonshine Baby0
My Baby (Cares For The Animals)2
My Baby (Shoots Her Mouth Off)2
New York City Hotel Blues0
No Vaseline0
Nobody Knows the Names of All Those Birds2
NYC Hotel Blues 32
O' What a Nightmare2
On A Freezing Chicago Street6
Open Your Eyes7
Pages Written on a Wall5
Paper Kitten Nightmare22
Prozac Rock3
Quiet as a Mouse10
RaBBBid Dog0
Real Naked Girls7
She's a Lunatic1
Skeleton Key52
Somewhere the City Lights Leave Us Blind1
Swallowing Light Beams0
Talking In Code27
The Devil2
The Ocean (Is Bleeding Salt)2
The Shivers (I've Got 'Em)3
The Stench of Love0
There's a Freakshow Downtown0
There's Talk of Mine Shafts4
Things You Shouldn't Do6
Tiny Vampire Robot2
Vampires In Blue Dresses10
Waking Up and Walking Out2
Wedding Song0
When You're Gone0
Whiskey Jingle0
Will You Love Me Forever?1
Worth The Voice0
Your Lower Back4
Your Sister's House0
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