Song Name   Comments
(Music Won't Save You from Anything But) Silence0
A Book I Should Not Read0
A Fond Farewell0
A Return to the Sea0
A Trick of the Sea0
Already Ghosts0
Amongst Russian Lathes and Metal Curls0
Amongst the Books, an Angel0
Angel Pie0
Artists' Rifles0
Bad Patient0
Chemical (20mg)0
Cities and Factories0
Crown Estate0
Crown of the Lost0
Dark Horses1
England's Always Better (As You're Pulling Away)0
French Mittens0
Halfway Through0
Halloween Boat0
Help Me Warm This Frozen Heart0
I Am the Sub-Librarian1
I Am the Teacher's Son0
I Came to Your Party Dressed as a Shadow0
I Have Moved Into the Shadow0
I Must Leave London0
Incurable (Reprise)0
It's the Same Dream That Lasts All Night0
Jar Of Echoes0
Life Has Not Finished With Me Yet0
Lights Come On at 31
Love & Music0
Luxembourg Gardens0
March of the Atheists0
Modern Jupiter0
Night Of The Hunter1
No Closure0
Not Fair0
Saint Marie0
Saints Preserve Us0
Shot Through the Fog0
Sketch for Joanne0
Snow Drums1
Snowfall Soon0
Soldier Song0
Speed the Road, Rush the Lights0
The Biggest Lie1
The Blue Hour0
The Canadian Brought Us Snow1
The Drowning of St. Christopher0
The End of a Dark, Tired Year0
The Faint Horizon0
The Fun of the Century0
The Index0
The King Cannot Be Found0
The Last Engineer0
The Nostalgist0
The Season Is Long0
The Sharpest Knife in the Drawer0
The Tollbooth Martyrs0
The Unwritten Law0
Theory of Ghosts0
There's No Need for Us to Be Alone0
To Be Swished0
Untitled (Track 2)0
What Does Not Destroy Me0
When I'm Done, This Night Will Fear Me0
When You Leave Me Alone0
Wrong French1
You and John Are Birds0
You Can Hear the Room1
You Can Never Get Lost (When You've Nowhere to Go)2
You Never Loved This City1
Your Ghost0
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