Kekal is a post-metal / avant-garde metal band from Jakarta, Indonesia, and is currently based in Canada. They started in 1995 as a more straightforward extreme metal band. Throughout the first 5 years, they developed their ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
A Day the Hatred Dies0
A Dream for A Moment0
A Linear Passage0
A Real Life to Fear About0
After the Storm0
All That Matters0
Artifacts Of Modern Insanity0
Behind Closed Doors0
Behind Those Images0
Between Us0
Beyond Numerical Reasons0
Blessing in Disguise0
Ceasefire Negative0
Conditional Destiny0
Crave For Solid Ground0
Deceived Minds0
Departure Gate 80
Embrace The Dead0
Empty Space0
End Unit of the Universe0
Envy and its Manifesto0
Escaping Eternal Suffering0
For the Greater Good and Evil0
Free Association0
From Within0
Gestalt Principles of Matter Perception0
Given Words0
Heartache Memorial0
Historicity and State of Mind0
In Continuum0
Isolated I0
Let Us Blend0
Like There's No Other Way to Go0
Longing For Truth0
Manipulator Generals0
Mean Attraction0
Militia Christi0
My Eternal Lover0
Narrow Avenue0
Open World0
Our Urban Industry Runs Monotonously0
Paradigma Baru0
Postlude: Saat Kemarau0
Prelude: Worldhate Chronicle0
Private School of Thought0
Romanitika Destruksi0
Rotting Youth0
Scripture Before Struggle0
Shuffling Biorhythms0
Source Of Existence0
Strength in My Weakness0
Subsession II0
Subsession/Once Again It Failed0
Tabula Rasa0
The Conversion0
The Fearless And The Dedicated0
The Final Call0
The Gathering of Ants0
The Monsters Within0
The Only Sound of Rain0
The Painful Experience0
The Regulars0
The Vampire Song0
The Way of Thinking Beyond Comprehension0
Thy Neighbor's Morality0
To Whom It May Concern0
Track One0
Via Dolorosa0
Violent Society0
Virtue of Perseverance0
Vox Diaboli0
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