Song Name   Comments
17th Street0
A Prayer For Everybody / To Be Free0
A Sign Of The Ages0
A Very Precious Time0
Ain't no such thing as superman0
Angel Dust1
Angola, Louisiana0
B Movie0
Being Blessed (Interlude)0
Better Days Ahead0
Billy Green Is Dead0
Bottle lyrics0
Certain Things (Interlude)0
Delta Man (where I'm Comin' From)0
Did You Hear What They Said?0
First in Flight0
Free Will0
Free Will [Alternate Take]0
Free Will [Breakdown Takes]0
Get out of the Ghetto Blues0
Grandma's Hands0
Granma's Hands0
H20Gate Blues0
Home is Where the Hatred is7
I Think I'll call it Morning0
I Was Guided (Interlude)0
I'll Take Care of U0
I'll Take Care Of You1
I'm New Here3
I've Been Me (Interlude)0
Lady Day & John Coltrane0
Lady Day and Coltrane0
Lady Day and John Coltrane3
Me And The Devil0
Message to the Messengers1
New York Is Killing Me0
No Knock0
No Knock [Alternate Take]0
On Coming from a Broken Home (Pt. 1)0
On Coming from a Broken Home, Pt. 10
On Coming from a Broken Home, Pt. 20
Or Down You Fall1
Parents (Interlude)0
Pieces of A Man0
Revolution Will Not Be Televised0
Save The Children0
Save the Children [Live]0
Sex Education, Ghetto Style0
Sex Education: Ghetto Style0
The Bottle1
The Bottle [Live]0
The Crutch0
The Get out of the Ghetto Blues0
The Middle Of Your Day0
The Needle's Eye0
The Needle's Eyes0
The Prisoner0
The Revolustion Will Not Be Televised0
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised10
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised [Early Version]0
The Vulture0
The Vultures0
We Almost Lost Detroit3
When You Are Who You Are0
Where Did the Night Go0
Where Did The Night Go?1
Whitey on the Moon1
Who'll Pay Reparations on My Soul?0
Winter In America0
Work for Peace0
Your Soul And Mine1
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