Chad Vangaalen

Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, singer/songwriter Chad VanGaalen creates a delightfully soothing indie rock sound. His airy falsetto is part Christopher Cross and part Thom Yorke, and fans of Broken Social Scene, Band ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
1000 Pound Eyelids2
After The Afterlife5
All Will Combine0
Are You Sleeping?0
Bare Feet on Wet Griptape1
Blonde Hash2
Blood Machine3
Bones of Man3
Broken Bell0
Build a Home Like a Bee0
Burn 2 Ash4
Burning Candle0
Burning Photographs1
Can You Believe It?!0
Chronograph #10
City of Electric Light6
Clincally Dead10
Cosmic Destroyer0
Cries of the Dead2
Cut Off My Hands0
Dead Ends4
Did You Find Peace?0
Do Not Fear0
Echo Train4
Faces Lit0
Flower Gardens4
Freedom for a Policeman1
Friendly Aliens0
Frozen Energon0
Frozen Paradise0
Golden Oceans0
Graduated Assassin0
Hangman's Son0
Heavy Stones0
Host Body0
Human Totem1
I Miss You Like I Miss You0
I Wish I Was A Dog0
Inside the Molecules2
J.C.'s Head on The Cross0
Kill Me In My Sleep2
Leaning on Bells0
Liquid + Light0
Locked in the Phase0
Microscopic World0
Mind Hijacker's Curse0
Mini TV's1
Molten Light12
Monopoly Arp0
Mystery Elementals0
No Panic/No Heat0
Old Heads0
Old Man + The Sea2
Peace On The Rise0
Phantom Anthills1
Pine and Clover0
Poisonous Heads3
Prep Piano and 7700
Pyramids Float0
Rabid Bits of Time7
Red Blood0
Red Hot Drops3
Replace Me0
Rolling Thunder0
Shave My Pussy4
Sing Me 2 Sleep6
Soak In Visions0
Somewhere I Know There Is Nothing2
Static Shape0
Stuffed Animal0
Sunshine Snare Hits0
Systemic Heart0
The Warp Zone/Hidden Bridge0
TMNT Mask2
Twisting Magic Up0
Viking Rainbow0
Wandering Spirits0
Weighed Sin0
Weird Love0
Where Are You0
Willow Tree6
Wind Driving Dogs0
Wing Finger1
You Fool0
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