Song Name   Comments
A Angel Kiss0
A Thread For Each Tear Shed0
Air Borne3
Alone on the horizon0
Angel in Flight0
Baby Blue Eyes0
Back Down0
Beautiful Scene0
Bleeding, Unhealing2
blood red grave2
Blood Shed Made Us The Same0
Blood Smeared Mirror0
Bullet Envelopes0
Clearer Skies0
Crisp Nothing0
Crystal Clear0
Death in Black Eyes0
demons hatching from cocoons0
dreams of conquering the stars0
each thread for a tear shed0
Eulogy Lullabies0
Everything is you0
Fallen from Broken Wings0
Fear of Dead Love0
God or a lie (people make such stupid decisions)0
i cross my heart0
I see you ahead0
Inhaling Death0
Juat say it0
Kiss the blade goodbye0
Lost Meanings0
Love Is You1
Loved or hated, a rose or a thorn, which one hurts more?0
Meaningless Actions0
Meant to be forever0
Missing pieces0
My heart beats on0
My Heart Lies Bleeding0
Never so cryptic0
Nightmares in my wake0
No toleration for the intoxicated0
Not forgotten0
Nothing To Me0
One Last Dying Scream(short song part 1)0
Outer Beauty can be mistaken for Oxygen0
Perfect Pulse0
Pirates are nothing without their loot0
Shadowed Life0
Starless night sky blanket0
Stories can end, especially a tragedy, but the author still lives0
The Chance for a second(short song part 2)0
The Desired Evil(evil deceit)0
The Final Scene0
The Last of your Letters0
Time in your hands is a knife through my chest that not even angles can pull out0
Tossing a knife0
Trust you?0
Walking Dead0
Withered Dove0
Workday is over, this is the hardest job, I’m going home and dying on the couch0
You were0
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