Gift Horse Mouth

Formed in Yorkshire, England in 1995, the band have gone through a number of name and lineup changes since their incarnation, eventually maintaining only original lead singer and lyricist Craig Morris. ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
A Ballad For Joan0
A Better Man0
A Certain Something0
A Fan Like Annie0
Alice Shrugged0
American Girl0
And She Used To Dance0
Andrew Carstairs0
Angel of the Fall0
Another Unheard Song0
Basically, I'm A Badger0
Bastard of Swann Street0
Because Of Me1
Been Here Before0
Big American Cars (You Ain't Never Gonna Make It In Memphis)3
Black Satin Shirt0
Blinkered Messenger1
Born Sideways3
Break Me Down (Rebuild Me)0
Calling Today0
Casting Shadows0
Cobalt Blue0
Curdled Dreams And Lullabies0
Cyril Bruce0
Dance Georgina, Dance0
Deeper And Deeper0
Demand You2
Disown Me1
Distributing The Tubes0
Don't Worry, Ethan (Daddy's Only Looking For His Hand In The Snow)1
Dumb World of Mine0
Empty Wagon0
Enemy of the Faerye0
Excuse Me, Miss Chainsaw0
Fading Fast0
Fake Hippy Queen0
Feeling The Zephyr1
Focus Hocus Pocus Locus0
Genuinely Make-Believe0
Going It Alone0
Hey Stupid!1
I Am The Last Of My Kind0
I Dream of Things So Strange0
I Hate Myself And Want To Die4
I Painted Your Face0
I Will Climb Your Mountain0
I Will Not Talk0
I'd Die Without You1
Immortal, Invisible0
It Could Have Been Beautiful0
It Is What It Is (Whatever It Is)0
Itororo's Well0
Jenny, Leave A Light On For Me0
Jessica Lemon Has Sand In Her Hair0
Jesus On His Feet1
Just Go0
Just Left 4am0
Killing Time0
Last Night I Dreamt Of Maspalomas0
Lazy Days at Nico Ridge0
Let It Rain0
Lightning To A Stranger1
Listen Up0
Loneliness (Why Me?)1
Lowry's Marionette0
Mad Dog0
Manchester Rain0
Marty's Diary1
Maybe I'm Not A Nice Person0
Maybe That's Just Me0
Melt The Bolt1
Merry Eskimo1
More Than Writing Letters0
Move Mountains0
Mrs Morris0
Music On A Millstone0
My Priority0
Nest of Snipers0
Never Be Strong1
Not Enough0
Not Everyone1
Not Joking0
Not Tonight (Edited Version)0
Not Tonight (Explicit Version)0
Notes On Crenkov0
One More Monday Morning (Binky's Song)0
Paper Chasing0
Parasite Ballroom0
Play The Virgin0
Psychedelic Angel0
Rain on a Strange Roof0
Reginald Pasty0
Richard, You Can't Fly0
Ronda, On The Mountain Top0
Sarah's Had A Baby0
Shadows on a Hook0
She Wants To Stay0
Slowly Fading Evening Sun0
Something In The Water0
Song From The Underground Well0
Spent Matches1
Spider Pie0
Standing At The Edge Of My Disgrace0
Stop The Wheels0
Storm Is Forgotten0
Story For Nothing0
Streaks & Lines1
Sweet Eden0
Take A Moment And Remember Always0
Tanto Gusto0
Tear It Down0
That Handsome Guy1
That's Life0
The Actor Who Plays Me0
The Beggar On The Corner0
The Bell Pit Rose0
The Dark0
The Devil Rides Backwards On A Horse Called Maybe0
The Disclosure0
The Final Fall0
The Ghost of Lorna Whyte0
The Man That Shook My Hand0
The Midnight Train0
The Musician Is Dead (Long Live The Programmer)0
The Setting of the Sun0
The Way Of All Flesh0
They Judged Her By The Clothes She Wore0
They Used To Burn Them0
Thin Joe Didmoore0
This Bitter Pill1
This Fragile Heart0
This Is My Credo0
Too Strong A Word0
Tracy Emin1
Trees Are No Einstein0
We May As Well Just Call It Off0
What Goes Around Comes Around0
Whispers Secret Words1
Who Am I?0
Will You Show Me Where To Go?0
You Cured Me0
Your Storm0
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