Song Name   Comments
All is Loneliness1
All Is Loneliness [#]0
As Good As You've Been To This World0
Ball and Chain16
Ball and Chain [#]0
Ball and Chain [Live]0
Bye Bye Baby0
Bye Bye Baby [#]0
Bye Bye Baby [Alternate Take]0
Bye Bye Baby [Alternate Take][#][*]0
Bye, Bye Baby0
Bye, Bye Baby [#]0
Bye, Bye Baby [Live]0
Call on Me0
Call on Me [Alternate Take]0
Call on Me [Alternate Take][#][*]0
Catch Me Daddy0
Catch Me Daddy [#]0
Catch Me Daddy [Live]0
Caterpillar [#]0
Combination Of The Two0
Combination of the Two [#]0
Combination of the Two [Live]0
Coo Coo0
Coo Coo [*]0
Coo Coo [Single][#][*]0
Dear Landlord0
Down on Me0
Down on Me [#]0
Down on Me [Alternate Take][Live]0
Down on Me [Live]0
Easy Rider0
Easy Rider [#]0
Easy Rider [Live]0
Ego Rock0
Farewell Song0
Farewell Song [#]0
Farewell Song [Live]0
Flower in the Sun1
Flower in the Sun [#]0
Flower in the Sun [Live]0
Flower in the Sun [session outtake][#][*]0
Flower in the Sun [Studio Outtake][#][*]0
I Need a Man to Love2
I Need a Man to Love [#]0
I Need a Man to Love [Live]0
It's a Deal0
It's a Deal [#]0
It's a Deal [outtake][#][*][Outtake]0
Kozmic Blues0
Light Is Faster Than Sound0
Light Is Faster Than Sound [#]0
Light Is Faster Than Sound [Live]0
Little Girl Blue0
Magic of Love0
Magic of Love [#]0
Magic of Love [Live]0
Magic of Love [Live][#][*]0
Oh, Sweet Mary0
One Good Man0
Piece of My Heart30
Piece of My Heart [#]0
Piece of My Heart [Album Version] [Version]0
Piece of My Heart [Live]0
Road Block0
Road Block [session outtake][#][*]0
Road Block [Studio Outtake][#][*]0
Stay With Me0
Summertime [From Porgy and Bess][#]0
Summertime [Live]0
The Last Time0
The Last Time [*]0
The Last Time [Single][#][*]0
To Love Somebody0
Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)0
Turtle Blues5
Turtle Blues [#]0
Women Is Losers0
Women Is Losers [#]0
Work Me, Lord0
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