Song Name   Comments
Actress & Bishop / David Coverdale0
Arbuckle At Glenrowan0
Astronaut Talk0
Australian Gigolo0
Between You and the Dance Troupe0
Big Brother Age0
Big Summer For Me0
Bigger Than Tina0
Caesar's Surrender0
Call Me True Believer0
Campfire King, Of Course0
Celebrate The Failure0
Chaos and Dance0
Dead Rubber0
Dogs Are The Best People0
Don't Get Death Threats Anymore0
Don't Give Me The It's Not You It's Me0
Dwarf On Dwarf0
Every TV Star Has A Dark Side0
Extra Virgin0
First Day On The Run0
Get Fucked0
Girlfriend For Life0
Give Up Your Day Job0
Glitter Us0
Going For My Blue Belt0
Good Times Coming0
Herding Instinct0
Hey, It's Only My Virile Suit0
I Am Not Approachable 0
I Wrote You A Power Ballad0
I'll Work When I'm Dead0
I'm Jim Fixx and I'm Dead Now0
Insert Your Life0
It's Not '74 Anymore0
Jesus and Money0
Kickin' On (album version)0
Kickin' On (single version)0
Killer Whale0
LA '860
Let Me Be Your Toilet0
Long Load0
Man Lessons0
Marijuana Is God's Currency0
Medium Pacer1
Misguided Modelling Career0
Monster Truck Show0
Nairobi Nights0
Ocean Hearted0
On The Couch0
On The World's Last Day0
One Of The Girls0
Over The Line0
Phasing You In0
Playing Like Millionaires0
Right Wing Fags0
Rising Blow0
Self Abuser0
Sentimental Motel Journey0
Shouldn't Have Read Your Diary0
Show You 'Round The Compound0
Sleep Wonderfully Warm with Linda Lovelace0
Slow Decline0
Smoking Again0
Suitcase of Carter Browns0
Sunbury '970
Surf City Limits0
Taking The Uni Student Out To The Country0
That's The Lifestyle0
The Charles Atlas Way0
The Driver Is You1
The Finest Choice0
The Greek Aesthetic0
Thin Body Thin Body0
Ticket To The Big Time0
True Love Waits0
Tying One On0
Understanding Kyuss0
Unsafe At Any Speed0
Valerie 39330
Weak Chin0
What's Five Cents Buy?0
White Collar Crime0
Workin' F.O.H.0
Write What You Know0
Yo-Yo Craze0
You Wanted It0
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