Laura Veirs

Seattle singer/songwriter Laura Veirs sings personal songs of romantic intoxication, everyday vignettes, and occasional social commentary that are often heavy on introspection and intense character scrutiny. Her vocals and ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
A Shining Lamp0
All the Things0
American Way0
Anne Bonny Rag0
Another Space and Time0
Atomic Number0
Bedroom Eyes0
Black Butterfly1
Black Gold1
Black Gold Blues0
Black-Eyed Susan1
Blackbird Pie0
Blackened Anchor0
Blue Ink2
Brick Layer0
Bright Glittering Gifts0
Burn Too Bright0
Cannon Fodder1
Carol Kaye0
Cast A Hook In Me12
Chimney Sweeping Man2
Cool Water0
Devil's Hootenanny0
Don't Lose Yourself6
Dorothy Of The Island0
Drink Deep0
End Times0
Ether Sings3
Everybody Needs You0
Finster Saw the Angels0
Fire Snakes1
Freedom Feeling0
Green Cowgirl0
Heavy Petals0
I Can See Your Tracks3
I Miss You0
I Sing to the Tall Man0
Icebound Stream1
Jailhouse Fire0
John Henry Lives0
July Flame8
Lake Swimming3
Life Is Good Blues1
Lightning Rod0
Little Descutes3
Little Lap Dog Lullaby0
Lonely Angel Dust2
Look Out the Window0
Lost at Seaflower Cove2
Make Something Good0
Mama, You Been on My Mind (Bob Dylan cover)0
Margaret Sands0
Marianas Trench2
Memaloose Island0
Midnight Singer0
Montague Road1
Motorcycle Man0
Mountains of the Moon0
Movin' Along0
Ocean Night Song2
Ohio Clouds0
Orphan Mae1
Outside Bud's Jazz Records0
Parisian Dream3
Phantom Mountain1
Pink Light2
Prairie Dream0
Raven Marching Band0
Sadako Folding Cranes0
Salvage a Smile2
Say Darlin' Say0
Secret Someones4
Seven Falls0
Shadow Blues1
Shape Shifter0
Silo Song1
Sleeper In The Valley1
Snow Camping3
Song My Friends Taught Me0
Spike Drivers Blues0
Spring Song0
Star Panties0
Summer Is The Champion0
Sun Is King0
Sun Song0
Ten Bridges0
That Alice0
The Ballad of John Vogelin0
The Canyon0
The Cloud Room2
The Coo Coo Bird0
The Fox0
The Lookout0
The Meadow0
Through December2
Through the Glow1
Tiger Tattoos0
To The Country3
Tom Skookum Road0
Turquoise Walls0
Up The River2
Vapor Trails0
Wandering Kind0
Watch Fire0
When It Grows Darkest0
When You Give Your Heart0
Where Are You Driving?0
Where Gravity Is Dead4
White Cherry0
Wide-Eyed, Legless1
Wind Is Blowing Stars0
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