MC Lars

MC Lars (real name: Andrew Nielsen) began making hip-hop-based tapes while still a kid, but was sidetracked from rap by such traditionally important issues (to teenagers) as playing guitar in a punk band and getting accepted ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
(Lord It's Hard to Be Happy When You're Not) Using the Metric System0
(Rock) the Bells0
21 Concepts2
35 Laurel Drive0
911 AM (Rudy Giuliani)0
Altered State0
Altered States0
Annabel Lee R.I.P.0
Art of Darkness0
Atom You're Awesome1
Birth of a Phish0
Black and Yellow T-Shirts0
Boy's Club0
Buddhism for Dummies0
Captains of Industry0
Carmen San Diego Has Really Bad Morals0
Child's Play0
Cops and Monsters0
Cry Tonight6
Do the Bruce Cambell0
Don't Be a Cyberbully0
Download This Song25
Dragon Blood0
Escape from Robot Island (feat. MNP)2
Everyone's a Little Bit Gay0
Explain Capitalism to Me0
Flow Like Poe0
Forgot About Jack0
Francis Bacon Slashed the Canvas0
Gary the Green Nosed Reindeer0
Geeked Out0
Generic Crunk Rap4
Going Back to Brooklyn0
Guitar Hero Hero (Beating Guitar Hero Doesn't Make You Slash)1
Hey That's Me2
Hey There Ophelia1
Hipster Girl0
Hipster Mom0
History’s Greatest Assholes0
Hot Girls Make Guys Do Really Stupid Things0
Hot Topic Is NOT Punk Rock38
How to Be an Indie Rapper (Lars Attacks Ver.)0
Humphrey the Whale0
Hurricane Fresh1
If I Had a Time Machine, That Would Be Fresh2
If I Were a Jedi (That Would be Hella Awesome)0
Internet Relationships (Are Not Real Relationships)1
It's a Latin Thing0
It's a Party Y'all0
It's Not Easy (Being Green)1
Judas Priest0
Justified Animosity0
Kidney Stones for Easter0
King Lear, King Lear0
Lars Attacks!0
Lenore (I Miss You)0
Lord of the Fries0
Mad Men0
Make a Friend on 27th Street0
Make Way for Ducklings2
Male Feminist0
Manifest Destiny0
MC Lars’s Facebook Friend Count > Your Facebook Friend Count0
Mike Russo Cut Your Hair0
Missing White Girl Syndrome0
Mr. Raven8
Mr. Wormsley's Addiction0
My Biochemical Romance0
My Demented Dimension0
My Rhymes Rhyme0
Nerdcore Died0
Nerdcore Players0
Never Afraid0
No Logo0
OG: Original Gamer0
Oneonta (Eli Porter)0
Operation: Joyful Smiles0
Original Digital Gangsters0
Other People’s Property0
Party with Lars0
Paul Is Dead0
Peeing in the Pool0
Pokemon Go Rap0
Rapbeth (Foul Is Fair)1
Reaping Beauty0
Rock Star0
Running Trains0
Scientology = WTF?0
Shvensen Fitzlogik0
Signing Dubstep0
Signing Emo22
Single and Famous0
Six Degrees of Kurt Cobain0
Somebody's Watching Me0
Something Wicca This Way Comes0
Space Game0
Spaceman Spiff (Back by Popular Demand)0
Straight Outta Stockholm1
Sublime with Rome (Is Not the Same Thing as Sublime)0
Summer Camp Love (Is So in Tents)0
Super Scope0
That's CPR0
The Abridged Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket0
The Ballad of Hans Moleman0
The Bonus Track for Japan0
The Dialogue0
The Dip0
The Game0
The Giving Tree0
The Gospel of Hip-Hop0
The Lint Song0
The Roommate from Hell (feat. MC Chris)7
The Séance at Harpers Ferry2
The Tell Tale 0
The Top 10 Things to Never Say on a First Date0
This Gigantic Robot Kills4
True Player For Real2
Turn Your Cell Phone Off0
Twenty-Three (Remix)0
UK Visa Versa1
Venomous Box Jellyfish0
We Fresh0
We Have Arrived1
What Is Hip-Hop?0
Where Ya Been Lars?0
Where Ya Been Lars? II0
White Kids Aren't Hyphy4
Yes I Am an Alien2
Zombie T-Rex0