Circa Survive

<p>Philadelphia's Circa Survive were formed by vocalist Anthony Green (who is also vocalist of Saosin) with guitarist Colin Frangicetto -- both of them veterans of the local emo and hardcore scenes looking to indulge ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
1,000 Witnesses18
100 Steps1
A Long Time Coming18
Act Appalled94
Airplane Dance5
Always Begin1
Always Getting What You Want19
At a Loss0
At Night It Gets Worse0
Bad Heart2
Battle, My Love0
Bird Sounds1
Birth of the Economic Hit Man4
Blank Slate1
Blood from a Stone3
Brother Song2
Carry Us Away21
Child Of The Desert1
Close Your Eyes to See23
Dark Pools 1
Dyed in the Wool23
Every Way10
Fever Dreams17
Flesh and Bone0
Frozen Creek26
Frozen Creek (Album version)6
Get Out37
Glass Arrows11
Handshakes At Sunrise21
Holding Someone's Hair Back80
House Of Leaves48
I Felt Free15
I'll Find A Way1
I've Been Dying To Reach You5
Imaginary Enemy17
Imposter Syndrome1
In Fear and Faith61
In Fear And Faith (AOL Acoustic)0
In the Morning and Amazing...57
Kicking Your Crosses Down66
Living Together80
Meet Me in Montauk48
Meet Me in Montauk (2nd Song)2
Miracle Sun23
My Only Friend1
Nesting Dolls0
Never Tell a Soul0
New Sun0
Oh, Hello22
On Letting Go45
Only The Sun0
Premonition of the Hex0
Quiet Down0
Rites of Investiture3
Scentless Apprentice (Nirvana cover)0
Semi-Constructive Criticism31
Sharp Practice2
Sleep Underground5
Sovereign Circles0
Spirit Of The Stairwell23
Stare Like You'll Stay8
Stone Hearted Man3
Stop the Car0
Stop the Fuckin' Car73
Strange Terrain15
Suspending Disbelief15
The Amulet1
The Dentist3
The Devil Song13
The Difference Between Medicine and Poison Is in the Dose30
The Difference Between Medicine and Poison Is in the Dose (Album)96
The Glorious Nosebleed64
The Great Golden Baby47
The Greatest Lie50
The Hex0
The Longest Mile11
The Lottery2
The Most Dangerous Commercials21
Think of Me When They Sound1
Through The Desert Alone9
Travel Hymn21
Tunnel Vision0
We're All Thieves70
Who Will Lie With Me Now0
Wish Resign31
You'll Be Fine (Anthony Green solo)1
Your Friends Are Gone55
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