The PAper ChAse

Producer John Congleton's, Dallas, TX-based band the Paper Chase provided a jagged structure of avant-garde jazz, noise, indie, and punk since their formation in 1998. With comparisons to the likes of Drive Like Jehu and ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
...And All the Candy You Can Eat1
A Face that Could Launch a Thousand Ships0
A Little Place Called Trust4
A Liver A Lung A Kidney A Thumb4
A Nice Family Dinner For Once0
A War Is Coming0
Abby, You're Going To Burn For What You've Done To Me3
All Manner of Pox or Canker0
And As Long As I Have Fishes To Feed You0
Apple Pies and Alibis0
At the Other End of the Leash2
Can I Pour You Another Drink, Lover?0
Daddy's Got Your Nose0
Don't You Wish You Had Some More9
Drive Carefully, Dear1
Dying With Decent Music4
Ever Since the Turn0
Everyone Knows How This Song Will End1
Go Fishing (Roger Waters cover)5
God Forgive Us All0
God Is In The House1
Goddam These Hands (I Let Them Touch You)0
Happy Xmas (War Is Over) (John Lennon cover)0
I Did A Terrible Thing1
I Tried So Hard To Be Good1
I'm Going to Heaven With or Without You (The Forest Fire)3
I'm Gonna Spend The Rest Of My Life Lying4
If Nobody Moves Nobody Will Get Hurt (The Extinction)8
It's Out There and It's Gonna Get You0
Lenny Whats Gotten Into You?0
Let's Be Bad, Henry, Let's Be Really Bad0
My Death (Marc Almond cover)0
Neat; Manageable: Piles3
Now You're Gonna Get It0
Now, We Just Slowly Circle The Draining Fish Bowl2
Off with Their Heads!0
One Day He Went Out for Milk and Never Came Home1
Out Come The Knives1
Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork0
Piggies Had Too Much Wine0
Press Any Key To Continue (Parts 1, 2 and 3)0
Ready, Willing, Cain And Able0
Said The Spider To The Fly20
So, How Goes The Good Fight?0
The Common Cold (The Epidemic)0
The House Is Alive and the House Is Hungry2
The Kids Will Grow Up to Be Assholes1
The Laying of Hands, the Speaking in Tongues (The Mass Hysteria)0
The Most Important Part of Your Body0
The Sinking Ship, The Grand Applause0
The Small of Your Back, the Nape of Your Neck (The Blizzard)1
The Song Will Eat Itself0
These Things Happen0
This Is a Rape (The Flood)2
This Is Only a Test (The Tornado)1
This Is The Return Of The Don't Talk Backs0
This May Be The Last Song You Ever Hear0
Throw Your Body On The Apparatus0
Wait Until I Get My Hands on You0
We Have Ways to Make You Talk (The Human Condition)3
We Know Where You Sleep14
We Will Make You One of Us0
What I'd Be Without Me2
What Should We Do With Your Body? (The Lightning)1
When (And If) the Big One Hits… I’ll Just Meet You There1
When You Least Expect It0
Where Have Those Hands Been?5
Who Can Deny How Delicious It Tastes1
Wrapped Around Your Finger0
You Will Never Take Me Alive6
You're One of Them, Aren't You?4
Your Ankles to Your Earlobes10
Your Money or Your Life (The Comet)2
Your Pretty Little Head0
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