What's Happening
Song Name   Comments
And We'll Dance0
Apparition #120
Apparition #130
Bad Idea0
Bad Moon Rising (Creedence Clearwater Revival cover)0
Black Letter0
Bulletin Britain0
Call Me Your Darling0
Cheap Tricks1
Coffee And Roses0
Crazy Love0
Dance In New York1
December In New York0
Don't Come Close0
Don't Stop Singing0
Down To Nowhere0
Even Gods Do2
Ever Fallen in Love0
Everybody's Numb0
Exit Route0
Expensive Clothes0
Fever Beats0
Generation Y?0
Get Out0
Glistening Bay0
God Knows0
Going Down0
Gun Cotton0
Have You Heard0
Heads Will Roll0
Holding Your Hand0
I'm Not Down0
Icarus Wind0
Instead of the Saints0
Into the Blue0
It All Gets Buried in the End0
Juliet (Keep That in Mind)0
Keep Up0
Land of the Free0
Lavender Cowgirl0
Let the Blue Sky In0
Let's Make a Scene0
Lidocaine Baby0
Like Lead0
Lip Reading0
Long Time Gone0
Love's the Greatest Instrument of Rage0
Militia Sister0
Movie Kisses1
Mud On My Shoes0
My Beautiful Defence0
My Own Private Riot0
Night Driving0
Not So Clever Now0
Old Soul0
Pain In My Heart0
People Like You0
Pirate Moon0
Pontiac to Home Girl0
Rags and Bones0
Razor Valentine0
Red White and Black0
Roll On2
Saviours And All0
Saying Nothing0
See If They Applaud0
Seen It All Before0
Sitting in Limbo0
Slow Journey II0
Song #40
St. Luke's Summer0
Straight Lines0
Take Me Home0
Tear It All Down0
The Cracks0
The Dirt Is Your Lover Now1
The Edge of My Seat0
The Gambler0
The List0
The Lower Road0
The Old Laughing Lady0
The Things We Never Said2
This Girl Is Taking Bets1
Throwing In0
Water To Sky0
We Built a Monster0
When Did You Get So Safe0
When I'm Gone0
Whistle and Steam0
You Shall Know No Other God But Me2
You Tell Me0
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