Song Name   Comments
A Labor More Restful1
About To Die4
All We Are0
Ascending Melody0
At the Mall, Pts. 1 & 20
Beautiful Mother2
Because Your Light Is Turning Green0
Buckle Up0
But In The Headlights0
Cannibal Resource9
Dance for You3
Drilling Profitably0
Emblem of the World0
Fake Folks0
Finches' Song at Oceanic Parking Lot1
Fluorescent Half Dome4
Gilt Gold Scabs0
Gimme Gimme Gimme0
Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie0
Gun Has No Trigger4
Her Freezings And Thawings1
I Sit On The Ridge At Dusk0
I Will Truck3
Imaginary Love0
Impregnable Question5
Irresponsible Tune3
Jolly Jolly Jolly Ego0
Just From Chevron3
Katydids Calling0
Knotty Pine7
Ladies, you have exiled me0
Lay Down Restless Bones0
Like Fake Blood in Crisp October1
Like Once-Heated Milk0
Lit From below0
Maybe That Was It1
My Offwhite Flag4
naked we made it1
No Embrace3
No Intention6
No More0
Not Having Found0
Obscure Wisdom0
Off Science Hill0
Offspring are Blank7
On And Ever Onward1
On the Beach0
Police Story1
Ponds and Puddles0
Remade Horizon6
Rise Above6
Room 130
See What She Seeing1
Sharing Orb0
Since I Opened0
Six Pack1
Spirit-Future Medley0
Spray Paint (The Walls)0
Stillness Is the Move13
Stillness Is the Move [Acappella]0
Stillness Is the Move [Album Version]0
Swing Lo Magellan7
Temecula Sunrise9
The Bride6
The Enterprising Catalyst0
the glad fact4
The Highways is a Foggy Knife0
The Minutes0
The Socialites5
Thirsty And Miserable0
This Weather0
To Give It Weight0
Tour Along The Potomac0
Two Brown Finches0
Two Doves15
Unto Caesar4
Up in Hudson0
Useful Chamber10
Warholian Wigs0
We Could Cling0
What I See1
When The World Comes To An End0
Winter Is Here0
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