Jens Lekman

Sweden's Jens Lekman emerged from relative obscurity to quickly establish himself as the darling of the global indie pop set, winning widespread acclaim from fans and critics for his uncommonly witty and well-crafted pop ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
A Higher Power10
A Little Lost1
A Man Walks Into a Bar2
A Postcard To Nina27
A Promise1
A Sweet Summer's Night On Hammer Hill9
An Argument With Myself10
And I Remember Every Kiss6
Another Sweet Summer's Night On Hammer Hill7
Are Birthdays Happy?0
At The Department Of Forgotten Songs7
Be Good0
Become Someone Else's1
Black Cab17
Cowboy Boots1
Do Impossible Things1
Do You Remember the Riots?0
Draw A Dinosaur For Me0
Erica America1
Every Little Hair Knows Your Name2
Friday Night at the Drive-In Bingo9
Happy Birthday, Dear Friend Lisa3
How Much You Mean To Me1
Hultsfred '980
I Don't Know If She's Worth 900 Kronor3
I Don't Wanna Die Alone2
I Know What Love Isn't1
I Remember Every Kiss0
I Saw Her in the Anti-War Demonstration6
I Want a Pair of Cowboy Boots0
I'm Leaving You Because I Don't Love You7
If I Could Cry (It Would Feel Like This)2
If You Ever Need a Stranger (To Sing at Your Wedding)3
Inside (The Corrections)0
Into Eternity3
It Was a Strange Time in My Life3
Jag Tyckte Hon Sa Lönnlöv1
Jens Lekman's Farewell Song to Rocky Dennis4
Kanske Är Jag Kär I Dig9
La Strada Nel Bosco0
Love Is Still A Mystery0
Maple Leaves21
New Directions0
No Time for Breaking Up0
Past, Present, And Future0
People Who Hate People1
Pocketful of Money12
Pretty Shoes4
Radio NRJ0
Rocky Dennis in Heaven0
Rocky Dennis' Farewell Song12
Run Away With Me0
She Just Don't Want to Be With You Anymore2
Sipping On The Sweet Nectar1
Sky Phenomenon4
So This Guy at My Office1
Some Dandruff On Your Shoulder0
Someone To Share My Life With1
The Cold Swedish Winter5
The End of the World Is Bigger Than Love2
The One Dollar Thought0
The Opposite of Hallelujah13
The Rain Has Got To Fall0
The World Moves On4
The Wrong Hands4
Tram #7 to Heaven0
Waiting for Kirsten1
When I Said I Wanted To Be Your Dog2
You Are the Light (By Which I Travel Into This and That)10
Your Arms Around Me18
Your Arms Around Me (NFOK Version)3
Your Beat Kicks Back Like Death1
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